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National Park
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Monfrague National Park

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"National Park"
"If you love nature and bird watching, if you love birds, you must not miss the Monforgue National Park near Cáceres, Spain. We saw a leaflet from a travel company in a hotel that offered guided tours. We decided to take a three-hour Rutas 4*4 guided tour at a cost of 30 euros per person. The first thing we did when we arrived at the park was to climb up the ancient castle wall and watch dozens of birds of prey perform amazing circling performances in the evening air. Several professional photographers took photos of this gorgeous view of the sky in the corner. I saw that they used all kinds of postures, for fear of letting go of an artistic picture. Our guide Raul is very friendly and knowledgeable. With his guidance and the assistance of high-power binoculars, we were able to see two vultures and their children flying near the nest. In addition, we also saw Griffin and Egyptian vultures and black storks, several adult deer, and a cute fox, a scene of thriving harmony. The tour guide Raul told us about the history of the park, the status of the endangered species protected by the park, and the legends about Salto del Gitano, which made us very happy. Beautiful views of the cliffs and the confluence of the Tagus and Tietar rivers. All in all, this is an eye-opening tour. After visiting the southern city of Andrusia, we came to the north of the camper and stayed in this beautiful area for four days. It's beautiful there, but it's also crowded, so be painful and happy. Tips: 1. Put on the jacket, the wind on the mountain is quite strong. 2. Bring snacks, water, etc. There are few shops in the park."