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Things To Do in Maduo

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心似飘荡的云Purity, nature moistens the heart, seems to enter to eliminate all the sorrow, forget the life worry, only accept this pure land, snowy mountains, clear see the bottom flow of the stream. Like want to clear sky, that pure sunshine on the body, warm warmth, is the most casual pleasure!
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滇国剑客The Yellow River is the mother river of China, the whole Chinese nation's heart, occupy different effect, has the unusual influence, this place has the tourism, can reflect the true upstream of the Yellow River scenery.
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滇国剑客The ecological environment here, because away from the modern civilization, did not suffer from too much industrial pollution, but become so beautiful, natural, attracted the eyes of many tourists, came to this holy lake to visit.
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滇国剑客Because of its rich water system, this place is a thick lake, like the stars in the sky, all outside, including the lake, beautiful scenery, quiet, waiting for tourists to see.
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National Park
Nature Reserve
曹 操Take the 214 National Highway towards Maduo. After 100 kilometers, the road scenery becomes more and more beautiful. There are towering snow-capped mountains in the distance, and rivers winding nearby. On the colorful wetlands on both sides of the river, various wild animals are leisurely and contented. Flocks of Tibetan wild donkeys, flocks of bar-headed geese, red red ducks, and Tibetan antelopes running on the hillside
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鹤小宝儿The Bull Head Stele is built on the peak of Cuorigaze Mountain in Maduo County. It is 4,610 meters above sea level. The height of the stele is 3 meters, and the base of the stele is 2 meters high. They are all inlaid with copperplate molds. The stele is unique in style and powerful in fonts, symbolizing the vicissitudes of the Chinese nation. The long history and industrious and simple character. The monument chooses the sacred cult of the original totem, the cow. With its rugged, tough and powerful shape, it summarizes our great and strong national spirit, and it makes people produce an unparalleled strong cohesion and centripetal force.

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Yellow River Source Tourist AreaGolog,China

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Donggei Cuona LakeGolog,China

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Bayan Har MountainGolog,China

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Gyaring LakeGolog,China

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Dayema MountainGolog,China

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Cuowagashen Ze Duoka TempleGolog,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Maduo, including: Yellow River Source Tourist Area,Ngoring Lake,Bayan Har Mountain
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