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About Manzhouli

Manzhouli is the junction of Chinese, Russian and Mongolian cultures. Famous for its Russian influences, the streets and alleys are lined with Russian style buildings and Russian style signs can be seen everywhere. Walking on the street you can see blond and blue eyed Russians walking next to you.

Popular Attractions in Manzhouli

Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area
1,580 Reviews
Theme Park
The Manzhouli Russian Matryoshka Square is the only tourism and entertainment plaza in China to have been built on the theme of traditional Russian handicrafts such as Matryoshka dolls. This is one of Manchuria's iconic tourist attractions as it embodies the regional characteristics of the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia and the special way in which they blend together in Manzhouli. The main item in the plaza is a large Matryoshka doll about 30 meters tall. The total area of the plaza is about 3,000 square meters. This is currently the largest doll in the world.
Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area
2,392 Reviews
Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area is located on the border between China and Russia. It is home to an impressive border gate and the no. 41 boundary tablet. There is also a visitor center and an exhibition hall on the Sixth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The current border gate is fifth generation and is the site's main attraction. There are also two squares with a fighter jet and locomotive. The fighter jet was purchased with donations from local people, while the locomotive was used by Chairman Mao during a visit to the Soviet Union.
182 Reviews
Manchuria means "exuberant spring" in Mongol. In 1901, it was named Manchuria for the establishment of the China Eastern Railway. Manchuria is a port city with over a century of history. It is reputed to be the "Window of Asia." It is an inland port, straddling the economic areas in the northeast and south of China, bordering Russia in the north and connecting with Mongolia in the west. It sits at a key junction of the Eurasian continental bridge.
Hulun Lake
639 Reviews
Hulan Lake is also known as Dalai Lake. “Dalai” means “sea” in Mongolian – the lake extends over a huge area and looks like the ocean. The lake has a cool climate and is an excellent place to escape the summer heat. There are a number of facilities for visitors, including a lakeside swimming pool, a fishing platform, and a beach. Boat trips are also available.

Manzhouli Weather

Nov 21, 2019
-17 °
Nov 22, 2019
-23 °
Light Snow
Nov 23, 2019
-25 °
Nov 24, 2019
-24 °

Trip Moments

Milan Prince   
In Manzhouli, watching the night view of the city at night, during the day, there is naturally a place to go, that is the doll square! As the iconic tourist attraction in Manzhouli, it is also a characteristic architectural group. The square reflects the characteristics of the regional characteristics of the border between China, Russia and Mongolia in Manzhouli and the blending of the three countries. It consists of a giant body doll and hundreds of small dolls scattered around it. After a week of wandering around the theme doll, you can find that this gorgeously decorated giant theme doll actually has three different faces, each with a good face. Gentle Mongolian girl, Han girl and Russian girl. About 200 small dolls scattered around the square, surrounded by the music fountain in the square, are also scattered with the twelve zodiac signs representing the traditional Chinese culture and the twelve constellations of Western astrology. It is said that the Russian version of the Little One is Disneyland! Strolling in the square, like Alice who accidentally fell into the dreamland, everything around it is so novel, so colorful. At that moment, we seem to have returned to the innocent childhood.

It is not so much a square, it is actually a huge playground, a large Russian characteristic garden that integrates eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing and entertainment. Covers theme parks, theme entertainment, theme performing arts, theme hotels! It includes the super large 6D dome flying theater, night outdoor music fountain + live blasting performance, Russian ballet theater, large float parade, Russian style performance stage play and more than 10 high-tech indoor and outdoor large-scale amusement facilities, etc. It is currently in Hulunbeier area. The only scenic spot that can be visited at night, at the beginning of the evening, the lights are bright, the scenery is superb, and the content is super rich!

And it's best to take the kids with it. There are all kinds of entertainment facilities, carousels, pirate ships, bumper cars, all of them are more exciting. The matryoshka inside is varied and very beautiful. It is said that the Manzhouli 4D propaganda film inside is super shocking and super! Because of the hurry, we took a photo in the square outside the gate! ! It is also quite atmospheric! You see, the shape of this bathroom is also a doll, the left is the father, the middle is a baby, the right is the mother, even the bathroom has been made into a doll, really a veritable doll square!

We continue along the directions of the square. All kinds of small shops are also towering spires and round domes. Most of them are Russian small commodities! There are also a lot of matryoshka in the flowers and grasses. It is very cute. It turns out to be a trash can. The trash can can be used as a set of dolls. It is also so beautiful. It is also a theme that fits the scene and admire the designer's imagination. The colorful Russian architecture is like the feeling of drawing a picture! !

This looks like a yurt-style building with a doll on it. It looks like a Mongolian doll. This is where the Russian circus is performed. Fairies are also a great choice for taking pictures! Look at these two long legs! !

Tickets: 80 in the off-season, 148 in the peak season, 118 yuan for the student ID under 18 years old, and the adult package includes the Grand Circus 198. For children under 1.2 meters, residents of Manzhouli City (requires fingerprints) are free of charge, but The ticket-free crowd does not include rides and big circus!

Opening time:
Posted: Oct 11, 2019
Milan Prince   
Posted: Oct 8, 2019
The most comprehensive Raiders in Manchuria Russian style dolls square
Manzhouli Matryoshka Square is the iconic tourist attraction of Manchuria, the square reflects the characteristics of the border between China, Russia and Mongolia in Manchuria and the blending of the three countries.
On the last day we came to Manchuria, it was a small Russian, full of Russian architecture, and I thought I was out of the country.
Set of baby scenery
Manzhouli has a super exotic paradise park. The Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area is an important part of the Sino-Russian border tourist area. It is a large Russian-style customs park combining Manchuria and Russia.
has a set of dolls world, joy zone, dolls theater, Russian folk experience hall, Russia and Mongolia performing theaters, extreme parks six functions. District, but we arrived later, the theater did not go Look, there are a lot of dolls on the square to take pictures.
amusement park
Manzhouli In addition to the separate video game area (can simulate horse racing), it is included in the ticket, how can you not see the beautiful rainbow swing!
The rainbow swing is 52 meters. On the top of the square, you can see the appearance of the entire matryoshka square. Outside the square, there is a direction in which the beautiful prairie cakes are soaring. The whole process is super excited! Hh/ There are also large pendulums, bumper cars, and spherical cinemas.
(Flying to Manchuria to tell the truth, Disneylands flying over the horizon is also such a spherical screen, the number of people that can be carried each time is limited, the team that has to be queued for a long time)
Roller coaster, haunted house, also suitable A variety of cute little items for kids to play.
Every building in the building has his role, and there is a snack street. Among them, the second largest doll in the garden (green) is a small theater in Russian style performance responsible for Russian style performance (super sexy)
Posted: Sep 13, 2019