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Things To Do in Maoming

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_AP***83I like the hospitality of that resort is luxury and romantic . and very delicious food
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难得糊涂It is worth going to put chicken island. The sea is very clean and the air is very fresh. The staff service is very good and the accommodation is very reasonable. Several people live in a single 200 yuan per night. The breakfast is very rich and has many varieties. It tastes good. I will go to the next festival.
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Hot Springs Resort
陌染MMWhen I came to Maoming, I visited Yushui Ancient Hot Spring with my friends. I heard that this is a 100% pure natural hot spring with an outlet water temperature of up to 82 degrees. The resort is located on the geological fault zone in South China. The hot spring water contains hydrogen. , Radium, metasilicic acid and other elements and minerals are rare in China. There are several ancient stones with clear handwriting for tourists to watch in the hot spring area. The staff at the hot springs have a very good service attitude. Whenever they meet a staff member, they will greet everyone politely and will also hand over hot ginger tea from time to time. There are also free snacks in the hot spring area, such as fruits, sweet potatoes, taro, peanuts and so on.
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七色之花Already an old customer, the guest waiter is also polite and thoughtful, as long as the request, the waiter will be sent quickly, never bothered, let the customer feel very warm. I think every hard-working person, need to be sure, must praise. The location of the hotel is convenient and a good choice for travel.
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3006542998The fairy cave scenic spot is very commercial, but going to the top of the mountain can see the grassland and azaleas is very beautiful, the scenic spot is not big, but there are still a lot of facilities inside, the children also like to play not bad.
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M33***78Great, going to the top of the mountain, very cool. There are also glass paths with shoe covers, not slippery at all, safety index 100%, very happy, two hours up the mountain, half an hour down the mountain (if you walk fast).

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Xiantai TempleMaoming,China

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Shuidong BayMaoming,China

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Gaozhou MuseumMaoming,China

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Linzhouding Forest ParkMaoming,China

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Ice and Snow Amusement ParkMaoming,China

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Guanshan Mountain of GaozhouMaoming,China

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About Maoming

Maoming City is situated by the South China Sea in the southwest of Guangdong Province. Maoming has a variety of tourism resources, with distinctive local characteristics and perfect conditions for developing tourism. Tourism here can be seaside themed, ecologically themed, hot springs themed, ancient relics themed or patriotically themed. In the area there are many tourism scenic spots such as the Hutou Mountain, Shan'ge Hot Springs, Xiantai Temple and Guanshan Temple.

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Here are the best places to visit in Maoming, including: Fangji Island Ocean Resort,Langman Hai’an (“Romantic Coast”) International Tourism Zone,Maoming Forest Park
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