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Iya Kazura BridgeNearby City

Iya Kazura Bridge

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Open from 1/1-2/12,8:00am-5:00pm;Open from 2/13-3/31,8:00am-6:00pm;Open from 4/1-7/31,7:00am-6:30pm;Open from 7/21-8/31,6:30am-7:00pm;Open from 9/1-9/30,7:00am-6:30pm;Open from 10/1-11/30,7:00am-5:30pm;Open from 12/1-12/31,8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"I won’t say much about the vine bridge in Iya, just look at the picture. Focus on introducing the local transportation strategy for free travel, and provide some information to friends who want to go, because before I went, I didn’t find any useful information, so I was very nervous all the way [囧][笑笑] First of all, whether you are from Okayama is still going to other places in Shikoku, so you must first get off at JR Hiboke. This journey is very simple. The difficult thing is how to take the local transportation car after leaving the station? Of course, the local tyrants don’t have to think about it. You can hire a taxi. You can take a taxi for the whole journey. The nearest attraction is about 10,000 yen, and the farthest is about 30,000 yen. It is estimated that less than 100,000 will be enough for a full circle. If you choose to take the bus, you must first understand the distribution of scenic spots in Igu River. It is very scattered, and the overall distribution is like a "human" shape. This vine bridge is relatively close, and the farthest is Jianshan Park. It takes at least two days to play all the attractions. If you go back and forth in the same day, you can go to two places at most. Knock on the blackboard! ! ! There are two bus routes from Oboke to the scenic spots, to 4 buses in Kubo, and 3 buses in the Mantobashi Dream Stage. The overall interval is almost an hour. By car to Kubo, you can go to the Hidden Land no Yu, Ito Bridge, Nijuto Bridge, Ozu Valley Cable Car and Kenyama Park, among which the Ito Bridge is only 20 minutes away. The car to the dream stage of Iya Bridge can go to the Mysterious Yu, Iya Hot Springs, Urinating Little Monk (reachable on foot from Iya Hot Spring), Ivy Bridge (the terminal station). Because there is a long turn around in the middle, it takes nearly an hour to reach the Vine Bridge. The dry goods in the dry goods are the last two pictures uploaded. One is the floor plan of the Igu River Scenic Area, which was taken by human flesh at Dabuwei Station, and the other is the bus schedule, which was taken from Shikoku with a lot of effort. [呲牙] I found on the website again, if you are not interested in Japanese history, it doesn’t matter whether Iya Valley comes or not. From the perspective of natural scenery, there is nothing special. Any mountainous area has similar scenery. ."