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杉尼A day tour of Roman Port in Antalya, Turkey Turkey is such a great place! Antalya is the site of the 2015 G20 summit. This tourist city in the Mediterranean is indeed great! The snow-capped mountains, blue sea, ancient buildings, and pleasant climate make people forget to return. Many Europeans, especially Russians, love to go here for vacations, and even buy houses for retirement in Antalya. The Roman Port of Antalya is very beautiful, the ancient Roman architecture in Europe, the beautiful bay, and it is intoxicating. This is a day trip guide for those visiting the Roman Port of Antalya. Reason for recommendation: During the period of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, it was an important port in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a long history. The walls of the Roman port are still well preserved, and the red roof makes people feel like they are in Cesky Krumlov in Eastern Europe. Many restaurants and open-air cafes cleverly make use of the high and low road differences between the city walls and piers, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful sea view while eating. You can take a boat out to the deep sea to admire the waterfall on the edge of the cliff. The scenery is intoxicating! Tickets: Free, USD 50 per person by boat. How to play: You can wander in the alleys of the Roman port and buy some local souvenirs; you can also take a boat out to the sea and feel the blue beauty of the Mediterranean. There is also passionate music on the boat. A photographer will take pictures and produce for everyone Into a beautiful album, 35 US dollars each, as a souvenir. Travel TIPS: Turkey is located in the Middle East. It is true that the public security is not very stable. Especially there are many refugees. Please take good care of your valuables, otherwise you will easily be carried and stolen.
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Historical Site
Eternal732This theater can seat 7,000 people, and there are even VIP seats in the front row, which is quite elegant. It is also the most complete ancient Roman theater to date. The magnificent theater naturally retains very good musical effects, and it is surprising that this ancient theater is still in use every summer. Climbing to the top of the theater, there is indeed a sense of being condescending.
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BetTerDAYIn the Antalya Archaeological Museum, the correct posture for visiting the museum is unlocked. The statues of the figures naturally have interesting possibilities. The most favorite thing to see in the museum is the works of the figures, whether it is an oil painting or a sculpture.
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Featured Neighborhood
Eternal732Antalya, close to the Mediterranean, is particularly beautiful and peaceful. Walking by the sea, walking in the old city, antique and full of fun. Horse-drawn carriages and trams run together, and the amusement park by the sea will open late, a harmonious city full of joy.
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M36***02Kas is famous for its high-quality seawater visibility, with an extreme visibility of up to 30-40 meters, making it the best diving spot along the Mediterranean coast; the uphill and downhills of Kas street make it better for me from Chongqing to speak directly to me. , Let me grumble to the dock.
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Featured Neighborhood
大姐小露開心果The ancient Romans Kaleci under the rule of the Byzantines It is the code name for Antalya Old Town This prosperous town has a port and dock Unbeatable Mediterranean Sea View All in sight There are many restaurants and bars here Winding stone streets A charming residence Blooming gorgeous flowers Attract tourists The alleys are beautiful and charming Karec Become Antalya The classic ancient city that best represents the Ottoman Turkish era~

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