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China · ZhouyuanNearby City

China · Zhouyuan

4.3/537 Reviews
"Cultural Experiencial Area"
Ranked #20 in Baoji Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 2/1-10/31,9:30am-6:00pm;Open from 11/1-1/31,10:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"China Zhouyuan, which includes three scenic spots (Zhouyuan, Zhougong Temple, Phoenix Mountain), originally Zhouyuan does not need to charge other separate tickets, and the general ticket is started on March 12, tickets for 90 (for the elderly over 65 years old, free of ticket, but if you want to take the cableway to the mountain, you need to buy a separate cableway for 30 yuan), including Zhouyuan scenic spot, Hundred Bird Park, amusement park, cable car ropeway, Zhougong Temple, Phoenix Mountain (seems to be free at first), by the way, parking is very convenient, parking fee of 10 yuan. There are many children's facilities in the Park besides birds, suitable for Eva; the playground roller coaster, jumping machine, bumper car, etc. can be worth the ticket; Take the cable car, if you like to climb the mountain can be under the Zhou Gong Temple, then climb to Phoenix Mountain to take the cable car back, or all the way to Phoenix Mountain to walk down and take the cable car back from Zhou Gong Temple. Eat: Last year, I ate in the bronze museum once, the environment is good, the taste is very authentic, is a small amount. This time it was eaten by the farmer's family in the next village of Xiangbei. The package is 35 people, and the amount is quite big. But the taste is really not good, and it may be better to change a family. Overall, it is worth taking a walk."