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Things To Do in Meishan

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pure水Just went to Wawushan back. I said very responsibly, Wawushan is not a few times better than Xiling Snow Mountain, Emei Mountain and Qingcheng Mountain. Comfortable, quiet and good air. Directly above the picture, the original picture has no filters. Then there is accommodation, we live in the east lake of the Lijiang River. Wawushanju, whether it is a service attitude, food and accommodation are very good, warm, convenient parking. The location is next to the station under the Jinhuaqiao Cableway, very convenient.
207 Reviews
滇国剑客Renshou County is a very good place, beautiful scenery, with a lot of cultural legends, so visitors feel more energetic when playing, including this Renshou Black Dragon Beach, quite a good scene.
93 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The Heilongtan Paradise Island Water Park is fully functional, the design is too powerful, the pool, the children's park, and the mountain bikes are very well prepared, very suitable for all ages friends to find fun.
439 Reviews
Memorial Temple
TangermaThe May 4th Youth Festival, in the rain, worshiped the three Su Xiang felt the author: Sun Donghua travellers to the end of the world, the storm is not determined what home? Back to the dream of the South Wan Wai zhao travel, what fear? Guzhou river to see the sunset. Fengyang pond drizzle, elegant, courtyard before the ancient wells number of quicksand. How many things are in the past, should remember, here in Meizhou Dongpo home. 2021.5.4 Late in Meishan Sansu Temple
367 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
206***81Liujiang Ancient Town, a very good choice. First of all, the inn to stay is worth praise: Yashe 72, the name is really, quiet and elegant, the room is clean and natural, the focus is that the female boss service is very thoughtful and meticulous, and the guest can get a good living experience. The historical feeling of the old street in the ancient town is very vicissitudes and the scenery is pleasant.
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滇国剑客The scenery here is really beautiful, different from the name of the flower sea so can feel, solid, many friends come to say, all want to open the lung capacity here, fresh air in the stomach.

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Dawangshan Sceneic AreaMeishan,China

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Mei Shan Shi Dongpo Songcheng Sceneic AreaMeishan,China

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Edas Gallery ParkMeishan,China

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Lanxi Jinxi Jiudian Hot SpringMeishan,China

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Yupingshan International Paragliding BaseMeishan,China

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Sea of Flowers·Osmanthus LakeMeishan,China

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About Meishan

Located in the Sichuan Basin between Neijiang City to the east and Ya'an City to the west, Meishan is located in the southwestern part of the Chengdu Plain. Featuring many cultural relics and historic sites, Meishan has a long history and rich culture. It is the hometown of the famous poet Su Dongpo. Meishan also has many beautiful landscapes such as the Wawushan National Forest Park, Heilongtan Scenic Area, Pengzu Mountain and Zhongyan Temple. Furthermore, Meishan's cuisine is not to be missed.

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Here are the best places to visit in Meishan, including: Wawushan Mountain Area,Heilongtan (Black Dragon Beach) Paradise Island Water Park,Liujiang Old Town
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