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Trip Moments

Shadow Church
The Shadowless Church can be said to be the nearest to the new Jinhong Red Card. It is located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, but it is not far from Chengdu Shuangliu. However, it should be noted that the traffic here is not so convenient. If you want to come, you must drive by yourself~
shadowless church is also called the disappearing church. It is located in the Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park, although it is near the ancient town of Huanglongxi in Chengdu. However, because it is cross-market after all, it will take more than 10 kilometers to drive. The
Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park does not only have churches, but also some exhibitions, photo-taking places, etc.
But the most admirable thing is definitely this disappearing church.
The fire started here. It was sent to the Internet after someone went there. Many people think that it is too suitable for taking pictures, especially when the lights are lit in the evening.
I was planted for about a year or so and finally decided to punch in.
After you arrive, you will find that there is still a gap between reality and imagination. The shadowless church on the Internet feels great. After approaching, I found out how to be so mini.
But the advantage is that the flowers in the foreground are still there, and the purple is very beautiful.
Non-weekend evening, there are not many people here, but it is convenient for taking pictures, but unfortunately the recent lights are broken, and I chose to come over in the evening, but I didnt even see the lights, a little depressed.
Approaching the interior of the church, it is quite suitable for taking pictures. If the sun shines in during the day, it will be more romantic.
Its been more than 8 o'clock in the photo here, and the night in Chengdu has already arrived.
Every time I come to Chengdu, I can come to check out some small but very hot spots. The story about Chengdu in the future is getting more and more. This feeling is really good.
Shadow Church
A lot of babies asked about the open church in Chengdu before opening it?
My online search church is completed at the end of August. After I personally went to inquire, I can tell you a good news. The shadowless church can already go there~~hh/
Although it is not the official opening of the park yet The surrounding facilities are still not perfect, but few people are kings! I want to take photos of the United States and the United States now, I suggest you can go to the card.


1Because the park is not completely perfect, you should pay attention to the safety of your feet when you enter the scenic spot. Some road sections have some abandoned building materials, etc. .

2 There is a parking lot outside the park. Parking is now free of charge. After getting off the bus and crossing the road, you can walk along the signs to go to the church. The official name of the church is "The Church of the Lost."

3 When we arrived, it was a bit dark in the afternoon. I thought it would be empty. I found that there were a lot of tourists coming to the church in the church, and I also encountered two groups in the church. The people of the drama, so I think there should be no one in the morning to come here.

4The church will light at 7:30 in the evening. It is especially good to read the dry food and anti-mosquito bite. There are so many bugs in the grass, I stood for a full bag.

[Disappearing Church] Also called Shadowless Church

Ticket: Temporarily not needed, free entry.

Address: Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park Image Demonstration Zone (Gao De Map Search)

Traffic: It is only convenient to drive by yourself!
Shadow Church
Shadow Church

The church is designed by Shanghai Daxie Architectural Design Office. It is made up of Gothic architecture and pure white pillars. It is also known as the disappearing church
church by purple flower sea. Surrounded by people, it seems to be in France. When it is dark, the cross of the church will light up and the scenery will be more dreamy. The dreamy style has already attracted a lot of friends to come and punch cards, and it will definitely be even more fired in the future.

Name: Shadowless Church
Address: Next to the Jinjiang Township Government, Pengshan District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province
Navigation Direct Search: Sichuan Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park
Church is located in the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, temporarily There is no direct public transportation, and it is most convenient to drive by car. It takes about one hour to drive from Chengdu.
is very close to Huanglongxi, you can go with it, take a ferry from the direction of Huanglongxi, the car can also ferry!

No tickets are currently required!
The entire park is mainly used for the sale of houses by OCT. The park is still under construction and many supporting facilities are still not perfect. There are lavender manor, vineyard, disappearing church and Monet garden. The verbena in front of the church is not very good. It is estimated that the scenery will be more beautiful next year.
1 Since the re-construction, the commissary and the toilet have not been there yet.
2The mosquitoes here are very damaging, remember to bring the toilet water.
3 It is recommended to come to the card in the afternoon and the church will turn on the lights at 7:40 every day.