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Things To Do in Meitan

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Botanical Garden
203***97Scenic area, beautiful environment, [view]
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Cultural Experiencial Area
乐乐嘻嘻哈哈In fact, I don't know if it is appropriate to set up a Chinese Tea Culture Expo in Zunyi. In my impression, Zunyi City and tea should not be connected, but the building here has been certified by the Guinness World Headquarters. It also boosted the local economy, which is indeed a good thing.
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Tea Plantation
袔樂#向向的生活# That touch of green in Jingwanmu tea sea China Tea Sea, also known as Yongxing Tea Sea, is located in Yongxing Town, Meitan County Within Hefu Town, on both sides of National Highway 326, the traffic is convenient Profit. The hills here are ups and downs, and you are surrounded by greenery. The fresh air, accompanied by the strong fragrance of tea, refreshes the heart, Like being in a green ocean I yearn for life here Longing to walk in the depths of the sea of tea and feel the beauty of nature
Nearby City
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139***09It was raining hard when we went, and it stopped when it rained. It was very lucky. Because I arrived at 3 o'clock, I went late, so I went on the bus to the boat tour, and then hiking to the attractions. The website said that I went to the attractions first and then took the boat. In fact, the road is almost the same. The ticket includes the return fare for the scenic shuttle. The seams are very interesting, and the waterfall is completely absent. The water quality is very good, and we saw the hanging raft at the cloud gate. The boat we took is relatively large, there are two floors, you can take pictures to the top of the boat, very good experience, worth a visit. Overall great, nice view,
Nearby City
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Geological Sites
精光葫芦娃Red fruit tree (Stravaesia davidiana) also known as Storanwei (economic plant manual) is a plant of the genus Rosaceae, a shrub or small tree, up to 10 meters. Branches dense, small, densely pubescent when young, later gradually shed; Leaves oblong, oblong lanceolate or oblanceolate, 5~12cm long, apex acute or projective tip, base rhomboid, entire margin, upper midvein concave, along the midvein is gray-brown pubescent, compound umbrella inflorescence, diameter 5~9cm, with multi-flower; petals subrounded; anther purple; ovary top fluffy; Fruit nearly spherical, orange; flowering period 5~ June; fruiting period 9~ October.
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Tea Plantation
噼里啪啦Practicing poverty alleviation and farming work, we arrived in Meitan County, Zunyi, northern Guizhou, where the historical site of Zhejiang University moved westward, and the world’s largest Yongxing Tea Sea. Today we also visited several local companies aided by Shanghai to help the poor through industry. There is a long way to go. The cooperation between the central and western regions is not only about opening up the asymmetry of information, but also depends on the enterprises themselves to break the inherent thinking, innovate and develop, and help the cadres in Guizhou also work hard!

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Suomi River DriftingZunyi,China

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Otter flower ValleyZunyi,China

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Zhedaxiqian Exhibition HallZunyi,China

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Jiuhuangdu DriftingZunyi,China

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Chahai Scenic AreaZunyi,China

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The World No.1 China Tea Culture Expo ParkZunyi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Meitan, including: The World No.1 China Tea Culture Expo Park,Chahai Scenic Area,Hai World Hot Spring Water Amusement Park
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