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Meixian District

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Popular Attractions in Meixian District

Yannanfei Tea Fields
418 Reviews
Yannanfei Tea Fields is a tourist park featuring dedicated areas to Hakka, tea and eco-tourism. The park offers the opportunity to enjoy novel Hakka song and dance performances, taste delicious Hakka cuisine, or take a stroll through beautiful gardens. Visitors may also enjoy the traditional tea ceremonies in the beautiful gardens full of flowers. Scenic spots in the area include Yannan Feishen Stone, Yannanfei Avenue and Longna Mountain Ecological Valley.
Yannan Feiqiao Stream Scenic Area
351 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Yannan Feiqiao Stream Scenic Area, has stone bridges, ancient trees, stream and dwellings. Here you can experience the folk customs of the Hakka people, learn about the architectural art of the Hakka ancient dwellings, discover the culture and traditions of the Hakka people, experience the fascinating scenery of the Shili Bridge, and explore the historical mysteries of Prince Zhucilang in the late Ming Dynasty.
Ye Jianying Memorial Park
225 Reviews
Memorial Hall
On May 5, 2005, Ye Jianying Memorial Park was integrated, expanded and enriched on the basis of the original Ye Jianying's former residence and memorial hall. It has been expanded into: humanistic scenic spots, commemorative scenic spots, ecological forest areas, and several major functional areas for tourism and leisure services. New buildings such as parks, squares, lakes and bridges will be built. The new memorial hall is built on the mountain. The exterior is geometrically constructed. It is magnificent and modern. It is beautiful and practical. In addition to the original pictures, bronze statues and other physical displays, new scene reproduction, video display, oil paintings, etc. Expression techniques make it easy for people to visit and understand historical events.
Meizhou Ketianxia Scenic Area
1,468 Reviews
Folk Village
Meizhou Hakka Park Scenic Spot is located in Meizhou, Guangdong. It is a good place to experience Hakka folk customs. In addition to Hakka architecture, there are also traditional gardens. There are more than 100 varieties of azaleas, as well as hundreds of other plant species such as camphor, red silk-cotton trees, magnolias, and osmanthus trees. Every spring, this place becomes an ocean of flowers.

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Trip Moments

The ancient rhyme of Qiaoxi, a village where people can hear their names, is located in Qiaoxi Village, Yanyang Town, Meizhou. It is a Hakka Mountain Village with a small bridge, a stream and an ancient dwelling. Only after entering the scenic spot, the entrance is full of green. Under the greenery that can wash the tired body, you can see the quiet and peaceful village. This fresh and pleasant scenery makes people irresistibly take steps and speed up the pace. Discover the charm of the village.
Ancient residential architecture is a major feature of the ancient rhyme of Qiaoxi. Here, you can see many buildings with Hakka surrounding houses. They are mostly gray and white, simple and simple, yet elegant and elegant. Up to now, the village has retained more than ten Hakka traditional residential buildings built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is precisely because of these chronological buildings that the bridge village appears to be full of charm, and the tourists in it can not help but be infected by the tranquility of the years.
Among these buildings, the most worth mentioning is the Jishan Building, which is known as the Bridge Creek Village Business Card. This is a typical column-type Hakka enclosure. It was built by the Zhus overseas Chinese in the village. It was started in the 28th year of the Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty. It was completed in 12 years. It is conceivable that the difficulty of its construction is How big and how grand the scale is after the completion of the construction.
Posted: Dec 29, 2018
There is an ancient village in the west of Wuzhifeng Mountain in Yinzhou Mountain. The most representative one is a column-type Hakka house building called Jishan Building. This Hakka house building, which took 12 years to spend 120,000 oceans and built since 1902, is made up of five gates. The central axis is symmetrical and balanced. The ancestral training is included in the name of the surrounding house: Narrative, good neighbors and relatives. Walking on the steps of the courtyard of Jishan Building, you can see that there is a pond on each side of the steps. The difference is that the one is round and the square is square. It is said to mean no rules, no squares, aiming to warn future generations to behave. There must be a circle and a rule. In Hakka's surrounding buildings, we can often see that there must be a pond in the surrounding house. It is said that in Taiji, the pond represents the yin, and the surrounding house represents the sun. Yin can produce water, Yangsheng essence, although the owner of the house is living overseas for many years, it is also very feng shui. On the behalf of the brotherhood, the friend Gongtang, standing in the "court seven fire mirror" imported from Germany, no matter which direction the mirror always shines out of the whole body, if you hold a candle, the mirror can show The seven heavy fires are amazing. It is said that the five brothers of Zhus family who built the building of Shanshan have accumulated a lot of wealth in their lives. They can see the appearance of the surrounding houses but only three of them. This is not only for people to visit, but also for them. regret.
Posted: Dec 15, 2018
Yannanfei planted white leaves in a single vertical, 163 hectares of standardized tea fields under the foothills of Yinna Mountain in Meizhou, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, as if even the land is full of tea. In order to better tea party and tea, Yan Nanfei introduced more than 800 kinds of tea trees from abroad, built a tea processing factory, set up a tea research institute, and built a tea brand of Yannanfei. The circular dragon is no longer a soil house, but a more solid and easy to preserve masonry material. This kind of dragon building pursues the characteristics of centripetality, symmetry and low front and high height. The internal space is often in the form of gossip to achieve the pattern of heaven, earth and humanity. The Hakka architecture pays attention to the feng shui of Jiqing. There are 32 tables in the banquet hall of the Wailong Restaurant, and the large dome on the right side of the enclosure is made up of 99,999 pieces of bamboo tubes. The Wailong Hotel, which is connected to a corridor by the Wailong Restaurant, is also a semi-circular dragon structure. It is built according to the anti-dragon structure of Hakka House. There are three floors in the lobby and 138 rooms, each with celebrities. Poetry and celebrity maxims are full of pastoral atmosphere. When I stayed at the Wailong Hotel and pushed the windows of the Yangtai Terrace, I found that I was looking up and down. In the distance, except for others, it was a tea tree. The mountains were quiet and quiet, and the world was vast, like I was alone. Just waiting for the spring to warm up, when you start collecting tea, it must be another lively scene.
Posted: Dec 15, 2018
Qiaoxi Ancient Rhyme is located in the west of Wuyin Peak, Yinna Mountain, in the Yannanfei Tea Field of Changjiao Village, Yanyang Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. The 16 Hakka traditional residential buildings built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved, simple yet magnificent. Entering the scenic spot, the secluded clear water of a lake is lined with lush vegetation, quiet and ancient. Listening to the sound of the stream, I entered the road, and I saw the villages surrounded by mountains looming.
The first thing that came into the village was a cluster of trees by the river. The locals called it "colored forest." Standing on the edge of the forest, the residential community built with the mountain potential, in this quiet mountain village, benefits the atmosphere, simplicity.
Qiaoxi Ancient Rhyme is a residential community near Yannanfei. Tickets are 50. There are less than ten buildings here. However, each building is very large. Hakka is very concentrated. Everyone lives in Inside a building, so a building is very worth seeing.
After you walk in, you can find the golden wood carvings at first sight. They are all created in the Chaoshan area and then shipped again. Although the appearance of such houses is no longer radiant, the beauty of the inner remains is also very amazing. .
The former man-made house can find a place. The ancient rhyme of the bridge is in a valley. When driving in, you can also look at the distant mountains. The top of the mountain is exposed with large rocks. Little bit of Huangshan feeling. Looking up in this way, the mountain is on the horizon, leaving me with only infinite delusions. What kind of feeling is it if I climbed the mountain?
Posted: Dec 21, 2018