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Yering Station

Yering Station

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Open on Mon-Fri,10:00am-5:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Melbourne's Surrounding | The Yala Valley Day Tour Full-view Melbourne's Yala Valley, about an hour drive from the city center, is one of the most beautiful and spectacular wine producing areas in the world today. Here you can enjoy the sunrise in a hot air balloon at 10,000 feet. You can pick a winery at random, try the most famous wines in Australia and spend an afternoon relaxing. You can also eat a mouthful of cheese from Yarra Valley Dairy to heart. Melbourne's Yala Valley Yarra Valley is definitely a good place to play with food. Youyi Winery Yering Station Yering Station as a family-style winery, its history is very long. Founded in 1838, it is the earliest winery in Victoria. With more than a century of development, the winery has become a landmark winery in Victoria. This is the winery we visited recently, and we are here to see the exhibition. My first impression is that the old stable and rich culture, especially around the wine tasting area, besides wine, there are a lot of art paintings that are changed periodically. The wine cellar is both a wine tasting room and a contemporary art gallery, with many fine paintings hanging on the walls. The winery exhibits rotate every four to six weeks, bringing different surprises to the guests. The weather was very good, plus last week, there were many guests, friends parties, paintings, wine tasting. There is also a helicopter that brings guests to sightseeing flight mode from time to time. I was especially surprised to see the helicopter up close! The winery is old but still quite charming inside and out. Apart from the interior artworks, the greens are surrounded by large areas, even if you are not planning to taste wine, walking here, taking pictures and even lying on the lawn, everything around is very comfortable and the scenery is quite charming. Address: 38Melba Highway, Yarra Glen Business hours: 10:00 – 17:00 Entry: No need to make an appointment in advance, no drinking and eating, just visiting and taking pictures is perfectly fine. Tasting: No prior reservation is required. You can taste wine directly on the spot: $10, $15, $25, $30. There are four cost transportation strategies based on different alcohols: no public transportation. Recommended self-driving / wine tasting friends recommend to participate in the local day tour around the attractions recommend hot air balloon flight Yarra Valley is the world famous hot air balloon ride sanctuary, shuttle over a large wine estate, overlooking the spectacular Yala Valley from a high point, You'll find it worth it when the rolling mountains and the winding Yala. Domaine Chandon Winery Domaine Chandon was established in 1985 by the French Champagne House Moet & Chandon , paying special attention to all the sightseeing visitors' experience, free of charge to provide various wine tasting activities, truly from the taste of the world of wine to take you into the world. The winery restaurant has won the Australian restaurant award repeatedly, sitting outside drinking wine, is undoubtedly a life of enjoyment. Domaine ChandonThe most special one is pink sparkling wine. Address: 727 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream VIC 3770Yarra Valley Dairy Factory Yarra Valley DairyYarra Valley Dairy Factory has a history of nearly 100 years. Sheep and cattle are raised in their own ranch. All cheeses are made from milk produced by these cows and sheep. With the most traditional handmade cheese, cut off a small piece, with the mouth temperature to melt it full, and then with the wine to accentuate the rich cheese taste, with the cheese to retain the wine flavor, the two complement each other, really wonderful! Address: 70-80 Mcmeikans Rd, Yering VIC 3770 Chocolate Ice Cream Shop Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery There are hundreds of desserts, a sweet lovers' paradise, and a children's paradise! Here, not only can enjoy free chocolate tasting, but also can enjoy the chocolate dessert masters to show their superb skills from a distance. A wide variety of ice creams, a variety of delicious drinks, amazing. Address: 35 Old Healesville Rd, Yarra Glen VIC 3775 Friends interested in helicopter sightseeing flights can check online. In short, it is an ideal destination for a day trip around Melbourne to enjoy the wine, food and the unique works of local artists."