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Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms Park

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"City Park"
"Located on the eastern edge of Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby Farm Park, which covers 4,500 acres (18,210,000 square meters), was transformed from a labor farm into an urban park in 1970, one of the largest urban parks in the United States. The concept of landscape design: 1 park/1 million trees/12 landscapes. The park interacts with citizens by donating a tree or adopting a bison, linking individuals to the future of the park. What is the park's main game? The park's core area is a 80-acre (320,000 square meters) long lake, with boat houses built by the lake and boats chartered for a lake. The park has a children's outdoor park, the most characteristic is designed by landscape designer and local children together, suitable for children of all ages to play. The park has a rugged trail for explorers and climbers. It has a horse track with special horse tracks that allow renters to ride. Birdwatching lakes not only have abundant fish resources, but also a variety of birds, especially in the evening when the sun is setting, thousands of birds return to the lake hovering, and then the tired birds return to the forest, the scenery is extremely spectacular. The park is on the edge of the city, the area is empty, light pollution is relatively less, summer night is a good time to watch the stars, the park has a summer star camping activities. Buffalo park has a special area, introduced and raised more than 20 American bison. Park has visitor center, bathroom, gift shop, simple meal available. Tickets: Free parking: Free Tennessee USA, Memphis Shelby County # Urban Humanities Notebook # Little Discovery # Deep Tour America # Mobile Photographer # Autumn palette"