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Bengbuzha Scenic Area (East Gate)Nearby City

Bengbuzha Scenic Area (East Gate)

4.4/512 Reviews
"Water Conservancy Project"
Ranked #7 in Bengbu Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"I was on my way to Nanjing and got off at Bengbu for a small tour. Take a taxi from South Railway Station for about 20 kilometers to Huaihe Gate. There is a small parking lot at the entrance of the scenic area, where the driver is waiting. When I walked to the Huaiwang corner, I walked through the gate and looked at it in a quarter of an hour, but my desire to see the Huai River was gone. The Huaihe River seems to be a bit mysterious. It originated from the Taibai Peak of Tongbai Mountain in Henan Province. The source of the Huaihe River is also a scenic spot. The Huai River is 1,000 kilometers long, and Bengbu is right in the middle, and it is very convenient to get here. The Huai River was flooded for 800 years after being overpowered by the "Yellow River". New China has governed the Huaihe River for half a century. The most exciting thing is the Huai'an "Overwater Interchange", which is a unique water control project. It's a pity that the flight to Huai'an was too early, so I had to give up and come here to see it. On the dam, there is a "must repair the Huaihe River". This was a question from Chairman Mao that year, and it reflected the determination to control the flood at that time. Today, I see the beautiful mountains on both sides of the Huai River, the clear blue water, and the beautiful sky and water. I should thank the predecessors for their unremitting efforts. At present, the Huaihe section of Bengbu Sluice is a source of drinking water, and visitors should cooperate carefully to protect the water source. The following four pictures are screenshots of the network: One picture of the Huaihe River governance in 1951 is from "Rebuilding China: Thirty Years of Urban Planning, 1949-1979". The rest of the Huai'an Water Control Project, Tongbai Mountain Stream, and Tongbai Mountain Huai River Source are all from the official website."