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About Mengla

Mengla is situated in the southeastern part of the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Altogether, 26 ethnic minorities call this place home, and the region is rich with the unique customs of these ethnic minorities. Mengla’s rich vegetation makes it a veritable plant kingdom. The towering Parashorea chinensis tree is among the most representative local tree species. The vast tropical rain forest of Mengla not only supports a variety of plant communities, but also a lively and adorable family of animals, and is referred to as “nature’s zoo.”

Popular Attractions in Mengla

Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area
1,185 Reviews
National Park
The Wangtianshu Scenic Area of Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park is located in the Northeast of Mengla Country. It is the main scenic destination of the Tropical Rainforest National Park, and an excellent place to experience the tropical rainforest from the water, land, or air. The rainforest is home to many enormous trees, some reaching up to even 80 meters. Visitors can also enjoy the thrill of strolling across a suspended walkway built atop tens of meters high trees that overlook the entire rainforest landscape.
Nanla River Wild Fun Drift Resort
39 Reviews
The Nanlahe Wild Fun Drifting Resort is situated beside the Manlongle Dai ethnic village in the eastern suburbs of Mengla County. It is an entertaining, experiential and stimulating water sports and outdoor sports park, that includes kayaking and rafting. There are lots of water recreation activities such as tire rafting and free diving. Visitors can enjoy the wonders of river water here.
19 Reviews
Folk Village
Mandan, Mengla, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China
56 Reviews
The connection between the honing and the Laos Port is the only type of port between China and Laos. Mohan is a southern border town of China. There is an "ASEAN Avenue" in front of the Mohan Port. The name is very loud. There are some beautiful two-story buildings on both sides. The people live on it. Below is the shop. The "China Duty Free" character Most of the sales under the signage are daily necessities, far from the hustle and bustle of the Sino-Vietnamese port. However, this "ASEAN Avenue" is worthy of its name. It is really a convenient passage for China to the ASEAN countries.

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Trip Moments

Have you been to the ancient town of Yanjiao hidden in the mountains?
Yanjiao Ancient Town has a history of 600 years. It is about 20 kilometers away from the northwest of Liupanshui Liuzhi Special Zone. It is surrounded by karst peaks of various shapes. Because of its similar landforms, it looks like a small town in Guilin Yangshuo. Unlike the ancient towns such as Xitang and Wuzhen, the ancient buildings in Yanjiao are all concentrated in one area, but scattered in all corners of Yanjiao Town. In addition to some quaint houses, the newly built houses in Guzhen are also designed according to the ancient style.
Yanjiao Ancient Town is not a commercial tourist attraction. Its popularity is relatively low in China, and many people in Guizhou have never heard of it. There are still few tourists coming here without collecting tickets, and the quiet atmosphere is a bit like the paradise depicted in the ancient book.
Yanjiao River passes through the town quietly and becomes a beautiful scenery. Ancient buildings such as Sanheqiao and Gongjia Courtyard can let tourists find traces of history.
The people living in the ancient town are basically locals. Their ancestors have woven their own stories in this secluded place, and they have maintained habitual humility in the face of foreign tourists. Walking in the ancient town, the focus is not on architecture, but on the escape atmosphere of buildings and mountains and rivers. The mountains around
are very beautiful. They are given beautiful names and bring people a rich imagination. Nine Lions, Puxian Lions, Longxi Night Moon and Erdao Water Waterfall are all excellent. Scenery.
The ancient town has a lot of specialties, jade patties and pans are very special. There is no dynamic entertainment in the city, some are human and smokey, suitable for quiet walking, savoring, beautiful things in the keen sense of touch and delicate feelings.
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The ancient city of Shuicheng!
Liupanshui is a comfortable summer paradise with an average summer temperature of 19.7 °C. The climate of Shuicheng Ancient Town is equally refreshing.
Into the ancient town, the breeze will come, you can enjoy the warm sun in summer, and there is a sense of coolness in autumn.
Shuicheng Ancient Town was built in the Qing Dynasty for ten years. It is nearly 300 years old. Because its appearance is like a lotus leaf floating on the water, it is also called "Holland." The unique geographical location makes the ancient town of Shuicheng form the theme attribute of landscape culture.
Along the road, through several squares, the buildings with ancient charms look graceful under the sun, and they silently tell the story of yesterday and now under the shade of green trees and safflowers.
The people of ancient town like to plant bamboo. Bamboo is one of the four gentlemen of the plant. Its image is elegant and indifferent. It is often used by humans for Mingzhi. The bamboo planting around the antique house can set off the elegance and aesthetic taste of the owner. Press the shutter lightly in front of the house, just a photo of the ink painting.
Shuicheng Ancient Town has many distinctive courtyards, including various collections, celebrities' former residences and tea culture expo.
Into the Tea Culture Expo, an instant through the ancient times, especially during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period. The layout of each corner of the
Tea Culture Expo is very elegant, which has restored the scenes of ancient people's etiquette and tea drinking. Whether it is the pattern of the long table or the placement of stools and potted plants, there is a set of rules and regulations. Process. The space of the
tea room is not spacious, but elegant and quiet. The wooden wall behind the coffee table is hung with couplets and calligraphy, and the other side of the wall is hung with a large static character.
The melodious music, the scent of tea, the leisure time is so wonderful...
Liao's house is a simple and elegant home. Its owner is Liao Yunzhi. This house was built in the late Qing Dynasty. In 1936, Liao Yun later hired a famous teacher to carefully design and expand. It was the only single-family structure in the ancient town at that time. It was also the rare wooden structure representative building in the water city during the Republic of China. Due to various reasons, such as the age, the original building has ceased to exist, and the houses that are now seen are rebuilt according to the original appearance.
The town gate of the ancient town was built on the riverside. It is magnificent, as if telling a story of a long time, and witnessing the leap-forward development of the ancient town.
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