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Trip Moments

Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
The mountain in Shandong is a natural oxygen bar. The negative oxygen ion content is 195 times
in Beijing. It is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Shandong Province. It is distributed in Weifang City and Linyi City. Mengshan in Linyi City is not only The cultural heritage is profound and the natural scenery is also very beautiful. The forest coverage is high and it is rich in negative oxygen ions. It is a health resort.
Mengshan's Yunmeng Scenic Area is a tourist attraction suitable for oxygen. Walk along the wooden path along the mountain. The mountains are dense forests, with the evergreen black pines all year round and the air pure.
Looking down from the observation deck on the mountain, the surrounding hills are undulating and continuous, and have recently been included in the World Geopark. Its geological features are quite representative, and the high negative oxygen ion content is also a business card of Mengshan.
As early as 1999, the Chinese Academy of Sciences once measured in Mengshan National Forest Park, which is now the Yimeng Mountain Yunmeng Scenic Area, where the negative oxygen ion content is more than 850,000/cm3, which is 195 times that of Beijing. It is indeed a "natural oxygen bar."
The rock in the mountains, due to the weathering of hundreds of millions of years, has formed a variety of strange shapes, where visitors can use their imagination. The mountain maintains the original ecological environment and is rarely artificially developed.
Such a beautiful environment is also very suitable for some health-themed activities, such as yoga enthusiasts come to the mountains to practice yoga, attracting the attention of many tourists.
There is also a local spirited old man who came to practice Tai Chi, and the mountain breeze is more elegant, such as the feeling of paradise.
Mongo Mountain Scenic Area is suitable for weekend trips. You can visit the essence of Mengshan in two days. It is also very convenient to eat and stay in the mountains. In addition to enjoying the scenery, you can also take the rail-type slide cars, cable cars, rafting, etc. to meet the tourists. Different needs.
Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
At the foot of Yimeng Mountain, enjoy a wonderful vacation time
This is a small village at the foot of Yimeng Mountain. The houses in the village are made of stone and have the most original beauty. The homestay we stayed in kept this original beauty. A house made of stone, inside, but there is no place in the world. The water gallery floor is gray and white, with a line of geometric lines and modern minimalist artistic temperament.
B&B is called Yimeng Mountain House. Its two designers have rich practical experience. Their works have been selected by Beijing Design Week at the BUGAIK (International Contemporary Architecture Exhibition) in Barcelona and other international professional exhibitions. No wonder, I will love it at a glance.
The interior of the room is a modern and bright style, air conditioning, floor heating, all kinds of modern home appliances are all available, deep inside, you can't imagine, you are in a distant mountain where the materials are not so developed. a small village.
Breakfast is self-produced, rich and nutritious farmhouse breakfast, stupid eggs, steamed sweet potatoes, as well as the butlers of the butler's aunt, delicious sweet and cold dishes, pure natural! No pollution! Heheran several large characters appeared in his mind.
B&B is at the foot of Mengshan Mountain. In the distance is the green hills, climbing a mountain and a small stream. It is the daily life here. In fact, the hotel itself is warm and quiet, and it is enough for us to spend a whole day here. The holiday time is gone.
Yunmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
I have heard that the beauty here is not only the red tourist attraction, but also the scenery of Taoist Mountain. Therefore, Yamano Jun is here to play with the heart of Zen. However, this time I met a smoggy weather. The visibility on the top of the mountain is less than 20 meters. If it is an ordinary person, it feels very disappointing because nothing can be seen. Faced with a scene like a layer of flowers in the fog, changing to the mood of ordinary people will be more or less interfered. Even Yamano is no exception. After all, I am also a folk.
Ran, the smoggy weather has created an unusual view of the cliff path. At this time, the scenery is "unconventional". It was very disappointing to walk on this plank road to pass the time. Unexpectedly, the smoggy scenery here gives an unusual experience. The entire mountains and rivers are shrouded in a fairy-like fog, and suddenly it is like entering the "blessed land" recorded in the Taoist classics. If you don't know what Taoism is, you can see it in such an environment.
While walking on the plank road, I can't see the scenery of the distant mountains and rivers, and I don't know what kind of beautiful scenery in the fog. However, the misty fog gives a lot of imagination, and you can imagine all the things that have been imagined here. Of course, the landscape that comes out of the same association is that there is a fairy or a high sorghum in this fog.
Steven Zhang