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Religious Sites
Northern Buddhist TempleNearby City

Northern Buddhist Temple

4.1/5141 Reviews
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Ranked #15 in Xining Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Dark knife light sword shadow, far away to the drum horns. Seeing the first eye of Tulou view, somehow the mind is emerging the three countries' ending song, later think that may be the resonance. The Tulou View was built in 106 A. D. and is 1900 years old. Its history can be seen from the traces of mottled in the wind and frost. I have walked through the north and south of the river, have been to many relics, but the Tulou view is the only preserved and still has the viewing value of the oldest remains, this is far from a pre-Qin period of the ruins of the ruins of the city can be compared with the beautiful. I felt a tremor in my heart as I stood under the rock and looked at its changing face for thousands of years. 1. Position: the hill behind the northern temple of Xining City. 2. Opening time: closed for three years, the cause of the collapse. The earth building view is built on the hill, the soil quality is basically fragile loess, looked like the mogao grotto or maijishan grottoes in the distance of the earth-yellow fortress, in the rock edge with the hand touching stone, can obviously feel the hollow and fragile soil, the earth can pass through the thousands of years is a miracle. A small landslide that had hit people in the previous years, identified as a dangerous building, was closed. However, Tulou view and Beichan Temple one after one, the middle of many houses, local people living here, can spend a little money to ask them take the small road mountain, so as long as the thought does not landslide, the method is always more difficult than.Such places do not close to see a great regret. 3. Price: free. 4. Attractions: (1) Nine Caves and Eighteen Caves. The caves that can be looked at from a distance are the 18 caves of the nine caves, the first Buddha Cave and Bodhisattva Caves, basically on the cliffs, people can not climb, only can look far away, even so, the caves can be seen in the form of a long history, without disturbing the purity of the gods and buddha. (2) Tulou View. Tulou View is based on the 18 caves of Jiuku, which is the real hanging temple, second only to the largest hanging temple in Hunyuan County, Shanxi Province, but because of the collapse, the gates are closed, and the Jiuku 18 caves are not accessible from zero distance; (3) The Tianlao, the road from the Beizhang Temple down the mountain is a straight Tianlao, straight to the mountain, slightly dangerous. The boat to Jiangxin wave more rapid, people to Banshan Road more steep. Looking back on the city of Xining on the ladder, overlooking the large shantytown, here should be equivalent to Chengdu's golden cow, but the long view is finally a person is relaxed. Waving as another earth tower, this may only come once in a lifetime of heavy historical sites, heart is full of unwillingness. I love grottoes because it is still in the changing space and time, people's life is changing and uncertain, if there is a divine Buddha's determination will achieve the domination. When I touch them, will not be fixed as Buddha insight into the past, but can deeply inspire the rules of history rising and falling. Five-star recommendation, if go to Xining, must go to see, guess it may one day collapse, become a dead ring."