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Bak Kut, tea What does it mean? That eating pork soup, and finally tea. Is given a packet of tea, drink how much bubble, the rest away, with a table on the stove to boil water, clothed yourself. Bak Kut is Southeast Asia cuisine. Ribs soup is simple to understand. Malaysia is divided into the black version of Tom (medicated taste) and the Singapore version of white soup (peppery taste). In fact, as local breakfast, do not be surprised, eat Bak Kut morning before labour, it is a physical working child. This 1950 opening date of Bak Kut is old. The relatively well-known event is the Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang rejected the meal after closing, so the headlines. A Bak Kut has two ribs, another point a bowl of rice, soup meat early in the morning so happy. The first port to spicy to me, strong pepper flavour, for this thing, but good! Soup can be an unlimited renewal of a point oh two people is enough. Pork is very fragrant, not a little firewood, I nibbled a half, which tasted light could be dipped in soy sauce. I prefer more than kidney liver, kidney here, too praised, just broken health, glowing pretty pink, crisp bite up feeling full. Fritters eat soup bubble. It is regarded as the standard trotters, soup as good absorption capacity.

Posted: Nov 21, 2018
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In winter, many people like to travel to warm places, the Caribbean is one of the big favorites, and Mexico is a good choice for New Year and Spring Festival travel. So how do you wear a photo that is both convenient for travel and good-looking? Using the travel experience of Mexico last winter, I used to throw jade.
Mexico's climate is still relatively complex, both tropical and plateau deserts, coupled with the latitude of the wind and current terrain, the weather and temperature can be said to be a bit unpredictable, let me evaluate with a word That is - chaos, so the locals who wear down jackets at the same time on the street, the Europeans and Americans with short-sleeved shorts, and the Asians in between, there is nothing to be surprised.
In general, the winter temperature is quite suitable, basically it can be mainly summer clothes, and the jacket can be used to cope with morning and evening cooling and strong winds.
Specific to each attraction:
The blue saturation of the Caribbean is very high, and the white color of the spray is more obvious, so you can choose brighter colors such as orange and red;
The overall color of the Mayan ruins is gray, you can neutralize it with warm colors, and don't want to contrast too much. Choose a dark red dress with a national style design.
Pink Lake itself is bright enough, plain skirt instead It will be more harmonious;
overlooking the color town, the colorful colors set off, the lighter color of the long skirt is more picky, the skirt is bigger and more suitable for concave shape;
into the color town, large The ethnic style of the color block is less likely to be submerged in the red wall and green tiles;
underground dissolved swimming background is green, bright color swimsuit can balance the picture
Mushroom Jun's America's Wanderlust
Mexico, Monarch Butterfly Valley

Starting from Mexico City, after a one-hour traffic jam, there is an hour of isolated mountain road, spending another half an hour Riding the hills with the guides, and finally carefully walking to the mountain trails that the horses could not climb, finally arrived at Piedra Herrada Sancturay, the most recent monarch butterfly nature reserve in the capital city.

Nearly 250 million monarch butterflies fly 4,828 kilometers per year across North America, spending four generations to complete the journey from the Great Lakes region of North America to Mexico. Before the second year of the migration in the winter, several generations of monarch butterflies born in the summer have already completed their lives, and the grandson who started the migration of butterflies in the previous year completed the journey. For no apparent reason, these new generations always know the route of migration and follow the same route that their ancestors have traveled sometimes even back to the same tree.

Walk up and look up at the end of the road. The black coats on the fir trunks are all monarch butterflies. The treetops are also like the monarch butterflies. The monarch butterfly under the Yangguan began to take off the dance with the heat, and the monarch butterfly in the shadow immediately filled up.

Mexico has a total of eight Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, which is a very small travel route in the area. If you are impressed by the story of this butterfly migration, you must remember to take a look.
After the Hollywood cartoon "Dream of the Dream" has spread all over the world, the number of visitors to Mexico this year has shown a leap-like growth (local people's subjective feelings), and flowers are also a part of it. In fact, in 2008, the Mexican Day of the Dead was included in the list of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

1. The Day of the Dead is carried out on November 1st and 2nd of each year, and the fixed date will not change every year. On the first day of the Day of the Dead, the children who died at the festival, the streets and alleys are all dressed up in the face of the children, and together with the Western Halloween on the last day of October, the children will carry small baskets everywhere. The sugar will be tricky, so during the Day of the Dead, you will walk on the streets of Mexico. Don't forget to put some small candy in your pocket so that the children will not be disappointed. On November 2nd, it is to recall the adult relatives and friends who have left, and all the Day of the Dead will reach the peak on this day.

2. The ceremonial ceremony of the cemetery in the "Dream of the Dream" is not universal! This point is very important! On October 31, Huahua arrived in the Mexican capital of Mexico City, and he spent the night in the night to explore the cemetery and experience the scene of "sleeping through the night and watching the candlelight." However, after a little inquiries, the locals told me that these traditional Undead Festivals are no longer seen in ordinary cities and regions. The Mexicans have been like the Westerners early in the morning on the weekend of the closest Day of the Dead. Going to the cemetery of relatives and friends during the day to worship, a little long-lasting may accompany the evening, and ordinary people only listen for up to a few hours.
Traveling Sisters
Mexico City