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Things To Do in Mianyang

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首席监理Jiuhuangshan is located in Guixi Town, Beichuan Yi Autonomous County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, 68 kilometers from Mianyang City, the east of Jiuhuan passes through the gate. Jiuhuangshan is high in the northwest, low in the southeast, and the highest altitude is 2840 meters. Jiuhuangshan is a typical karst landform, the mountain range is undulating and varied. The famous Ape King Cave is located on the Jiuhuang Mountain, which is composed of the caves, the golden path, the primitive forest, the ancient Xiangfan cultural resort and so on.
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M28***47Not bad, it took about 4 hours before and after, and my son likes the last slide best. In the karst cave is some strange-shaped stones, then the cruise ship, the glass path almost scared me to death, the person afraid of heights is really not suitable 😂😂
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滇国剑客This medicine is a good place to watch the moon, to enjoy flowers, nature, the theme of the name here is medicine, so, to enjoy flowers, smell that faint fragrance, to attack people in the way of flowers, to achieve the goal of mental health education.
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Famous Residences
壹壶浊酒Covering a large area, climbing the Taibai Building can look far away. There are more primary school students to refer to, and there are schools doing parent-child activities too noisy, seems to be not in line with the environment recommended to improve. It is a big difficulty to eat around the scenic spot, you need to cross the road to find the opposite (there are more traffic on the road). The scenery is good,
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一诺千金09Spring Festival tour of Lushan, more than 800 steps did not difficult to downfall us, all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, all the way to the top of the mountain chatting, saw the cable performance, down the mountain feel light! Beautiful scenery, worth a visit!
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M38***11Wenchang emperor temple or can go to goodbye, mainly to the daughter of Gao San. Cuiyun corridor of ancient Berlin is worth going, not many tourists, very quiet sunshine into ancient Berlin, not a flavor. The oldest of the cypress has been for more than a thousand years. Many are hundreds of years more than. Local pancakes and fried slices are also delicious. Try them.

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Fushengyu HotSpring ResortMianyang,China

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White Dragon PalaceMianyang,China

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Mianyang MuseumMianyang,China

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Mianyangshifan CollegeMianyang,China

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Snail TribeMianyang,China

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Qinglian Vocational Middle SchoolMianyang,China

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About Mianyang

Mianyang, with a history of 2,200 years, is one of Sichuan's most important tourism cities. Mianyang is filled with many of the nation's leading science, technology and engineering institutions are located here. In the Science and Technology Museum, one of the few "outer space wind tunnels" in the country is located here. Mianyang's natural landscape is also very enchanting, and every year in April Yaowang Canyon turns into a sea of blossoming flowers. The characteristic peaks and karst caves scattered across Jiuhuang Mountain are a paradise for photography lovers. While in Mianyang, you can experience the ancient culture of the Dai people; you may perhaps find here traces of the great Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai, who spent his youth in this area.

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Here are the best places to visit in Mianyang, including: Jiuhuangshan,Foye Cave,Qiqu Mountain Temple
You could try Fushengyu HotSpring Resort,Xianhai Scenic Area,Mianyang Sea World,Yuewang Tower,Yuanxiang International Herb Garden in Mianyang
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