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Things To Do in Mishan

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行摄九州This is a border lake. The second flood gate here in Xingkai Lake is a sluice awarded as a high-quality project by the Ministry of Water Resources. The scenery here is very beautiful, and there are many fish in Xingkai Lake, which are very delicious. Add some salt to the water. The meal is very delicious, and the tourists who come here are also very comfortable. There are many people here to enjoy the coolness and summer, swimming on vacation.
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E36***12it’s beautiful place in Jixi nearby tiexi forest park , weather is good
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Nature Reserve
_We***94A very worthwhile attraction, tickets are 40 yuan, and there are discounts for the elderly and children. No parking fee. The air inside is very fresh. There are also many attractions. There are the Great Northern Wilderness Memorial Hall, golden beaches, Jiangjun Island, Prosperity Ding, Jiuqu Bridge, lotus pond, grape promenade, and deer garden, all for free. No time limit. In the evening there is an open-air KTV for a bonfire party.
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M19***26This is a must-visit scenic spot to visit Xingkai Lake. Purchase a 10 yuan ticket to board the chic viewing platform, and you can see the size of Xingkai Lake. In the hot summer, there is a shelter above the head, and the wind is blowing the skirt, which is really cool! Because of the guardrail, it is not a good place to take photos of people, but there is nothing to say about the scenery! Buy a ticket and take a cruise on the Xiaoxingkai Lake, or go to the beach by the Daxingkai Lake to play wild. Of course, food and drink are easily available.
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_We***24There is no big ticket in the scenic area, parking is 5 yuan, there is a beach that is not suitable for swimming, because there are people playing motorboats, and the viewing platform is 10 yuan to see or not. The cruise is 50, 60, 70 yuan, not worth it, nothing to see.
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M19***26To go to the museum, you must go to the adjacent Xiaoxingkai Lake Wetland Park. This is a scenic spot that cannot be found on Ctrip.com and Baidu Maps. It is far from the city and is a nature reserve. In addition to the construction of a water walking boardwalk and a few Outside of the rest pavilion, it basically retains the original ecological appearance, suitable for strolling and relaxing, or just in a daze! There is no kiosk inside, so you need to prepare enough water and snacks!

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Xingkai LakeJixi,China

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Xingkai Lake MuseumJixi,China

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Xingkai Lake Dragon King TempleJixi,China

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Tiexi ParkJixi,China

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Russia Art Exhibition Hall for China-Russia Trade HistoryJixi,China

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Fengmi MountainJixi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Mishan, including: Xingkai Lake,Tiexi Forest Park,Dangzhen Xingkai Lake Tourist Resort
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