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Eagle Beak PeakNearby City

Eagle Beak Peak

4.3/551 Reviews
Ranked #13 in Eerguna Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"After the riverside shot enough, the goal today is to get to More Road to choke. The nearest point out of Linjiang is the eagle mouth, from the village to the eagle mouth is not long, but everywhere is the scenery. The scroll came again. Xiaojun said that the scroll was cut with a lawnmower first, and then rolled out with a special scroll. When the machine rolled the scroll, the machine drove it. Then the scroll fell off the back of the car like an egg. It would be interesting to see that scene. Unfortunately we haven't met this time, mainly came late, people should be done, are waiting to move. Xiaojun also said, this roll can sell 200 yuan, wow, we said, that this grassland is all money, a scroll is 200 yuan, then 2, 3,,,,, is too big, a person can not move. Although the eagle mouth is on the mountain, but Xiaojun first took us to the river below the mountain, he said that the river is very good. Sure enough, although it is not summer, can not get into the water, but the scenery is really good. After going up the mountain, it is easy to see the eagle mouth, do you see it? It's so obvious that I can't see it. I'll give you a hint. The small one in the middle of the three stones is the tongue. You can see it now. Shooting from the mountain to the sides is also a great scenery. Very angry. If you come at the end of September, you can imagine that the scenery will be more beautiful."