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Things To Do in Monbetsu

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Botanical Garden
City Park
ardellguWhen I went to Takigami, the blooming date had already passed. I took a bus from Asahikawa. There were not many people and no tickets were charged. Although the blooming season has passed, it has been amazing. It has been turned to noon and lunch time has passed. At the return station, there is a small train museum. The residents here are very enthusiastic and gave us rice dumplings and burned them. Eat instant noodles with hot water. Never forget
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City Park
huang244483She is the innocent stretch of mountains in the love letter She is the quiet and distant snow country Leaving the hustle and bustle and flying thousands of miles, passing through the long tunnel, stepping on the frozen Sea of Okhotsk, let the snow all over the sky witness the beautiful and romantic white fairy tale world
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翱翔的大鲨鱼Monbetsu City faces the Sea of Okhotsk. In winter, it is covered with snow-white drift ice covering the entire surface of the sea. This town is famous for its drift ice town and is a well-known tourist attraction in the north. Here you can experience feeding seals and give seals a secret signal, and then you can show the audience. It is a very precious marine paradise facility.
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Observation Deck
118***44The scenic spots are very interesting, it is worth visiting
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rei1140You must come once in your life, just for the 2-hour shift, a total of 81 stops, and the driving time is 2 hours of toss! The first cable car to the 5th station under the mountain, because it is weekdays, I am alone on the cable car, the staff is not slack at all, and the introduction is enthusiastic, like a person full of cars. . . . When I arrived at the 5th station, I had seen the snow wall piled up high, but I didn't feel how cold it was. I planned to continue the cable car to the 7th station, but the cable car is under maintenance. Looking at the instructions on how to deal with the bear infestation, I gave up in silence. You plan to climb to the top of the mountain on foot. The top floor of Kurodake Station is an observation deck, and the surrounding snow peaks are undulating and spectacular. There are souvenirs on the 2nd floor. There is also a restaurant with curry rice...
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Botanical Garden
City Park
你知道D乜The colorful tulip fields are very eye-catching, and being in them is like walking into the Netherlands.

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Okhotsk TowerMonbetsu,Japan

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Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum Of HokkaidoMonbetsu,Japan

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Okhotsk Tokkari CenterMonbetsu,Japan

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Komuke LakeMonbetsu,Japan

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Omusaro GenseikaenMonbetsu,Japan

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Okhotsk Sea Ice ParkMonbetsu,Japan

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Flora & Fauna
Hot Springs
Hokkaido is famous for its volcanoes, natural hot springs (onsen), and ski areas, the northernmost of Japan's main islands. The territory of Hokkaido is 83,456.58km2, which is 22 percent of the country's total land area. Hokkaido, as a country, is currently the world's 21st largest island. The people of Japan are proud of the big island, where nature combines so well with the lives of people. Hokkaido is famous for its high quality and freshness of its seafood because the cold waters around the northernmost prefecture of Japan are ideal for fish and sea vegetation. It was formerly known as Yezo, Yeso, Ezo, or Yesso. Some areas in the county are particularly famous for a specific commodity, such as Rishiri and Rebun's uni (sea urchin).
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