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Water Park
Tianle City Water WorldNearby City

Tianle City Water World

4.7/51641 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"I went the second time, I chose not to go in the peak season this year. I bought the pre-sale tickets at in April. I went on May 22nd. It's super cost-effective. It seems that the pre-sale ticket is only about 50 yuan. In May, it's normal 118 yuan. In short, I feel super cost-effective. It's very convenient to drive from Jinan and find a place. 2 hours is almost the same. The indoor water park is really deep in my heart. It is not dry at all. All kinds of projects are basically open. There are not many people. No need to queue. Play super (。・∀・)ノ゙Hey, giant beast bowls, big trumpets, colorful slides, rafting rivers, each has played several times. Apart from the loudspeaker, it's a bit scary, everything else is fun, it's just not enough when you go. The beauty is that there are no bath towels. The place to take a shower is very crowded. You can imagine the grand scene of the dumplings in July and August. It is recommended to go in May and early June. It won't be very crowded. You're sure to queue up for any project during the summer vacation. Satisfaction, compared to the sunburn in Yalong Bay last year, the tips: bring your own towel swimsuit, bath cap (many items need, I just forgot to bring one in the scenic spot), no slippers (the indoor items are bare feet, the scenic spot provides slippers), you can bring food yourself, At noon, go straight back to the store room to get food. As long as it is not glass packaging, plastic packages can be, there are also food sales in the scenic spot, the price is small and expensive. Many projects need to rent a double swim circle to play, 30 yuan for 2 hours."
Jinan EuroPark Water WorldNearby City

Jinan EuroPark Water World

4.4/5200 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"[CP] Water play summer come | hit Kaolebao Water World 🌞 hot summer day, hot winds, want to play water to kill boring time! For Jinan's friends, summer water play preferred Oulebao Water World! A lot of water entertainment, there is always a suitable for you ~ want to get summer cool come right! 💁‍♀️ Play project recommendation: 🌟 Hi play the dream whirlpool giant bowl body is like a flying house in the sky, riding the fur is like a shuttle in the time and space tunnel, the center of the bowl body is like a giant "snail" carrying its house slowly crawling, shuttled like a shuttle under the action of gravity and sometimes buffered Walk and experience the different magical pleasures of speed. 🌟Toward Olympia's six-slip super track, take a pimp along the spiral slide down the slide, as if you were driving on the winding Panshan Road, experiencing the speed and passion of a water race in a high-speed dive. 🌟 The dreamy "SPA oasis" of the happy waters of the small basin friends, a water castle full of joy and childishness, with more than 30 slides designed for children, and more than 10 water-showing sketches such as colorful mushrooms, snails, shells, cartoon water-spray buds, etc. "Mengdong", splashed water, a jubilant melody. 🌟 Laying down to explore the rafting river, there is a river about a kilometer, the river is winding around the park, driving a powerless boat, using the oar to master the direction, and sometimes rushing and sometimes gentle water flowing downstream, performing a wonderful moment in the struggle with nature, this is rafting, A brave movement. ▪️▪️𝘐𝘕𝘍𝘖▪️▪️🏨[Scenic Spot Information]📍Address: Huanghe International Ecological City, Qihe County, Dezhou City 💰Price: Adult 99/person, student 79/person #Come to Oulebao when you play water #[/cp]"