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Things To Do in Nakafurano

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_FB***38a very good place for city people who has rare touches to natural things, also very good for families with kids, very organized, no entrance fees, beautiful flowers, many lavender related products and experiences, the city is quiet and not so crowded during late August
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乐吃购When it comes to Furano, the "Tomita Farm" is one of the keys to the park! Especially when you come to Furano in July, you must go! You can smell the fragrance of lavender as soon as you step into the park, so that you can feel calm. The lavender sea of lavender is elegant, and there are various flowers against it, beautiful. Come here and remember to order "milk ice cream Hami melon" to eat! Hokkaido two famous things combined dessert, refreshing not greasy you must eat!
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vivienvivienThe hills of four seasons have a vast area of 15 hectares of beautiful flowers, like a seven-color rainbow-like carpet, different seasons, different patterns. Every year from late April to late October, on the rolling hills, tulips, lavender, sunflowers and more than 30 flowers open, far from the view, colorful, like the painter's palette.
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Botanical Garden
opp-snowI really love the flower view, here is a best places to travel in the summer! recommend it to all the people who love nature
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vivienvivienMichi-cho is a town in Kamikawa County, Hokkaido, located in the middle of Asahikawa City, the second city in Hokkaido, and Furano City, famous for its lavender. The michi-cho has a similar street and rural landscape in Europe. The vast hilly terrain, quiet and stable hills and the beautiful scenery of Hanada during summer, become the most famous tourist attraction in Hokkaido area, attracting about 1.5 million tourists a year.
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卟哒慢旅行It is also closer to the tram station. It is not as famous as Farm Tomita, but it is better to take pictures because there are fewer people, haha. I walk through the small road from the hostel, and I will shoot anywhere from 8 to 10

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Banka no YuSorachi District,Japan

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Tomita Melon HouseSorachi District,Japan

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