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Things To Do in Nandan

97 Reviews
D35***95Its very cold inside the Cave , highly reccomend it , tickets are a little bit expensive!
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占姆士A prefect hide out from the city, love it. I will go back to the place again.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The various functional facilities in the scenic area are relatively complete. Therefore, there are many tourists and consumers who come to relax and relax. After personal soaking, the tourists who are "moisturized" and washed by the hot spring scenic area have increased the popularity of the area. .
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莺语花儿Libo, Guizhou, is known as the "Big Seven-hole Scenic Area", the triumphal arch in the east. The main landscape is the primeval forest, the Qifeng Karst Cave and the valley. The name is named after a seven-hole bridge in the Dagu River (also known as Mengtang River) near Mengtang village, Wangmeng township. This bridge is 7 meters high, 4.5 meters wide and 35 meters long, across the thing. Tickets are 55 yuan.
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Historical Site
M43***47The road is being repaired, it is too hard to go. The scenery is general, the tickets are slightly more expensive, the facilities and equipment can't keep up, the food is too little, and one or two powder shops, porridge shops, barbecue shops are guaranteed to have food.
13 Reviews
眼中的美The full name of Geyasigu’s mysterious human wonderland is: Geyasigu China Baikuyao Folk Custom Park, which is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. "Ge" is the place name, and "Yasigu" is the beautiful girl-- Aya, Goya Sigu is the place where there are beautiful Yao girls, and Goya Sigu is named after it.

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Nandan Liquor Storage Scenic AreaHechi,China

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Thanksgiving HoleHechi,China

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Gayas ValleyHechi,China

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Zihua ParkHechi,China

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Baikuyao Ecology MuseumHechi,China

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Nandan Hot Spring ParkHechi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Nandan, including: Nandan Liquor Storage Scenic Area,Nandan Hot Spring Park,Gayas Valley
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