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Things To Do in Nanjiang

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202***65Tickets on the spot are 80 yuan, is 45 yuan, and the scenic traffic is 40 yuan. The scenic spot is more mature, the service is very good, you can provide sightseeing maps, and the staff is patient to explain. Climbing to the top of the mountain, and went to the top of the small cycle, it took nearly 5 hours, the elderly who are not physically able to swim the riverside route, there is also a plank road, we have finished the high-mountain route, there is no physical strength to swim the Tiankeng plank road by the river. The parking lot is charged by the hour, and the fee is high.
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夏载蓉The scenery is beautiful, especially the color forest in the autumn, one step at a time, not losing the color forest in western Sichuan. It is best not to go when there are many people on the weekends, you must go, live in the scenic spot for at least one day, two to three days is the best.
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好日子爱大自然Traveling during the Spring Festival, the highway that goes up the mountain after getting off the high speed today is very difficult to walk. There are many villages and small roads. For the drivers of the plains and cities, it is difficult to drive by themselves. I wonder if you are walking in the scenic spot... The scenery in the scenic spot is very good, canyons, river courses, mountains, and two karst caves, although it is winter, The view is still good. The people who took the speedboat came to several violent drifting bends, I am afraid of heights...During the Spring Festival, no matter the scenic area or along the way, there are very few food purchases. The fast food in the scenic area has not been bought. As a result, I went all the way up the mountain to the near Guangwu Mountain to eat lunch...Feeling very worth going!
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老吴华哥The most beautiful waterscape of Guangwu Mountain is Eighteen Moon Lake, which is actually a valley winding down from the peak. The mountains and rivers flowed turbulently, forming eighteen water pools. Sometimes the water flowed straight down to form waterfalls, and sometimes deep and quiet water accumulated into pools. In the autumn, you can enjoy the Moon Lake, thousands of mountains are red all over, and waterfalls shed silver, and red leaves are used to spread felt. The wanderers are pleasing to the eyes and pure heart.
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Geological Sites
销售达人In the scenic area in my hometown, a group of 6 children and the elderly are free, but we two adults pay, which is quite impressive. I visited when I was a young man 20 years ago. I feel that it is better built now and it is very worth visiting; I stayed in Shuihe Town for one night and went to Guangwu Mountain, but the accommodation conditions were too bad. After paying for the 3 rooms, only one room was refunded, and I insisted on going home. The last one was taken on the window sill of the room.
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Memorial Hall
麻利贝贝哄The Bashan Guerrilla Memorial Hall is located in Tieluba Village, seven kilometers north of Taoyuan Town, Nanjiang County, Sichuan. It is one of the bases for red education. It can explain the advanced deeds of heroes to children and spread the spirit of patriotism.

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Guangwu Mountain Xiaowu Gorge Scenic SpotBazhong,China

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Guangwushan Fuxi Hot SpringBazhong,China

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Nuoshui RiverBazhong,China

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Duanqu Park Amusement ParkBazhong,China

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Daba Forest ParkBazhong,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Nanjiang, including: Guangwu Mountain,Micang Mountain National Forest Park,Guangwu Mountain Xiaowu Gorge Scenic Spot
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