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About Nanjing

Nanjing was called Jinling in ancient times. This settlement was an ancient capital thousands of years ago throughout several dynasties and kingdoms, and the traces of history can be found here wherever you go. When in Nanjing, climbing atop Taicheng, a five-minute walk on top of the Ming Great Wall, on the south bank of Xuanwu Lake. This city wall, with 600 years of history, looks east to the verdure of Zhongshan, while the blue waters of the Xuanwu Lake ripple in your gaze and the bells of the ancient Jiming Temple resound in the distance. Stroll through the beautiful Yihe Mansions area, get a cup of coffee in the renown 1912 district, or walk beneath the colorful canopies of hundred-year-old trees in the warm sun, and history will unfold before you moment by moment. Once night falls, you can get aboard a pleasure boat and travel by night along the Qin Huai River, where enjoying the ancient beauty on the riverbanks by streetlamp is even more enchanting. All the while you can experience the beautiful setting of the poem “A Mooring on the River Qin Huai.”

Popular Attractions in Nanjing

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum
18,943 Reviews
Sun Yatsen Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the father of the Warlord Era. It is located at Purple Mountain in the east suburb of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 80,000 square meters. It is considered the holy land of Chinese people both local and abroad. Dr. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) was a great revolutionary that led the Chinese people to overthrow the corrupt rule of Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and ended 2000 years of the feudal monarchy system, bringing China into a new age. With great historical significance, grand architecture, and beautiful scenery, the Sun Yatsen Mausoleum is a must see when you are in Nanjing.
Presidential Palace of Nanjing
42,509 Reviews
Historical Site
The Presidential Palace of Nanjing has a long history and prominent reputation. During the Qing Dynasty, it is the Weaving department of Jiangning and the Administrative headquarters of Jiangnan. On New Year's Day in 1912, Father of Modern China Dr Sun Yat-sen was appointed as the interim president at this location. Sun Yat-sen used this place as the president’s office and meeting room thereafter. Since then, the palace served as the presidential residence of the Kuomintang government. The building is a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural styles. It is generously proportioned and intriguing to look at. Take a stroll through the park to track the footsteps of Sun Yat-sen and understand the ever-changing nature of history.
Confucius Temple
11,113 Reviews
The Confucius Temple was originally built in the Song Dynasty to commemorate Confucius. It is located beside Gongyuan Street on the north bank of Qinhuai River. However the temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The current temple was rebuilt in 1987 after it was destroyed by Japanese Aggressors during WWII. Currently, the temple is the main scenic spot of the Qinhuai River Scenery. It also includes the China Imperial Examination Museum and Xue Gong (The Imperial Academy). At the Confucius Temple, you can admire a 6 meter high huge portrait of Confucius and 38 mural paintings reflecting the life story of Confucius.
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
8,972 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
It is located in the eastern outskirts of Nanjing City, south of Zijinshan(Zhongshan) , Dulongfuwanzhu Peak, and the western side of Maoshan. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum is the tomb of Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming dynasty. It took 17 years to be built, and what we see today is only part of the cemetery. The mausoleum was laid out in a majestic manner with strict regulations. The form of the mausoleum continued for the Ming and Qing dynasties and was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

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Trip Moments

Milan Prince   
There are also a lot of private kitchens in Hexi, why did you choose this one? The friend said: It may be attracted by the name of the store and the style inside. This is just the weekend, come and feel it!

Location: 1st Floor, Zone D, Sigma Plaza, Phase 2, Xindi Center, near Hexi Central Park!

Environment: A hollow screen opens, and it looks like a super-high tea house! The entire surrounding soft dress is also a variety of tea culture tea culture! There are several different styles of tables and chairs in the lobby, suitable for different diners!

The hall is loud and melodious, and there are several different sizes of private rooms with different tea table partitions. It is also elegant and quiet! After all, the first thing that feels like this is its environmental comfort!

Everything seems so quiet, there are not many waiters. Speaking is also gentle, whispering, very self-cultivating! The warm and thoughtful service during the meal is very much recognized by friends!

We have a lot of people, we just ordered a set meal, so that you can save your mind, you can try it in the second place, the price is not bad!

|Pre-dinner tremella soup ^ Each person first bowl of iced white fungus soup intestine appetizer, the bowl is also heart-shaped and exquisite, in this autumn dry climate, moisturizing lungs nourishing, sweet and mellow, next, Eat it too!

|Osmanthus fragrans ^Jiangnan famous dish, soft and sweet, tastes sweet, tastes lubricated, in the season of osmanthus fragrance in September is also a scene!

|Pepper salt After the peeling, the overflowing marinade is delicious!

|Jiangnan Yanyu lion head ^Jinling famous dish, the difference is Heze package, square box packaging, unique beauty! Open the lotus leaf, a spoonful, the taste is soft, fat but not greasy, not firewood, rich layer of taste, do not have a taste of Jiangnan!

|Fried goose liver ^ two sides fried, the outside is crispy, one bite down the marinade fresh and refreshing, the molasses is delicious and not greasy!

|Old fire soup ^There is a special dish, like a basket bowl, it seems thick, but it is very light, it is a little rest, and it is delicious!

After a few seasons, the seasonal vegetables are crisp and fragrant! In the end, the delicate fruit and desserts are presented. The overall experience is good. This exquisite and elegant private room is especially suitable for intimate gatherings between friends!
Posted: Sep 23, 2019
Milan Prince   
In fact, as an old Nanjing person who has been to the riverside countless times, it is also a city of reading people who recorded the scenery of Nanjing in the four seasons. Now, it is impossible to tell which part of Nanjings Binjiang Park belongs to it! In the past, the stone monument in the middle of the Qingao Cultural Park and the cotton embankment was engraved with Binjiang Park, and now it has become Nanjing Binjiang Cultural Harbor. Some people say that Lubo Park is a riverside park. Some people say that The riverside park opposite the Olympics West Gate!

Hey maybe, this is all right, including the Youth Olympic Park! Perhaps together with the Mufu Mountain section and the Jiangbei section, the name of the riverside scenery belt is even louder, highlighting the scenery of the two sides of the Yangtze River in Nanjing! After all, in recent years, Nanjing's greening, landscape, and lighting treatment along the Yangtze River are obvious to all! There are more people playing around, more people running, more people riding, and more people taking pictures! Relaxing and enjoying your mood is the biggest recognition!

I havent been riding Jiangbin for a long time, Wanjingyuan~Qingao Cultural Park~ Yuzui Park, or Wanjingyuan~Dujiang Memorial Hall~Zhongshan Wharf~Yangtze River Bridge, and then the swallow Riverside scenery, this is the usual place to take pictures of the sunset, even in the summer, will go to the river alone to blow the air, listen to the song, empty yourself! !

Today, I chose to cross the river, and the heart of Jiangxinzhou opened! !

cotton embankment (di) ferry. In the past, when there was no subway without Jiangxinzhou Jiajiang Bridge, it was more important traffic for the island residents to cross the river. With the changes of the times and the superiority of transportation, it has gradually withdrawn its function! Ten years ago, with the opening of the Jiajiang Bridge, the wheeled ferry at the cotton embankment had been closed first! Today's ferry is more of a role to send tourists, after all, today's Jiangxinzhou is also known as the ecological island, all kinds of scenery, the most famous is the Pink Garden and Youth Olympic Park!

is located at No. 268, Yangzijiang Avenue, Jianye District. It is also a niche scenery along the river along the Qingao Cultural Park!

Going here If you choose public transportation, the best way is to take bus 134 to the end, the next stop is!

Schedule: From 6 am to 9 pm, every hour, every trip, about 5 minutes.

The opposite is the flagpole ferry, there is a bus to the subway and the scenic spot at the door!
Posted: Oct 22, 2019
Milan Prince   
Many people pursue Japanese materials, probably like the environment, atmosphere, details to enjoy! I always think that the standard of a quality Japanese restaurant is probably natural, delicious, diverse and well-equipped! And Dragon God gave me the essence of it!

In fact, in Japan, the wine house is not necessarily a very high-end hotel, but more like China's big-name files. After work, a few colleagues or friends, find a warm and quiet place to drink some wine. , eat snacks, chat! Vent a day of negative emotions and fatigue!

The Shenlongju in the middle section of Wangfu Street, although small in size, has the uniqueness of the Japanese city's well-being. It is a small tatami cubicle of different sizes. Although it is not soundproof, it is intimate to pull the door! Will not bother each other!

The whole decoration has the charm of Japanese-style wine house, plus the wine glass jug on the wall and the partition, the wall paintings and utensils of various Japanese elements, closing the door, it is like a certain piece in Japan. Streets! Even the unique chopsticks and spoons on the table are placed in a unique style!

The two waiters and sisters are also polite, and the water dishes are also unambiguous, soft and gentle, and very self-cultivating! And the value is also very high!

, Miss Sister said that it is one of her family's characteristics, although the material is simple, but the taste is very unique, the tomato is peeled off the skin and the milky taste of the plum, plus the appropriate ice After that, sweet and sour, chilly appetizer!

Sashimi sashimi platter, beautifully placed, thick and juicy juice, the entrance is slippery and delicate, I don't know if it is added with fish oil, it is not fat after the meal!

Sushi platter, each one has bright color and firm meat. Although it is delicious and delicious, it is moderate, because the feeling of fullness is too strong, there is no stomach to eat other foods!

Grilled squid, the color is very rosy, cut into many portions, the skin is crispy and tender, it should be coated with fat honey, sweet and refreshing but not greasy, and there is no smell!

steak fried rice, big love, the shape is very tight, a spoon dug down, the aroma is tangy, the steak is fat and thin, the entrance is chewy, mix and eat very satisfied! Its just that there are more sushi points. This fried rice is not finished, it is a waste!

Although the overall price is not cheap, but the taste and service are quite satisfactory! Value for money! A small gathering of friends, dating couples, are good choices!
Posted: Sep 22, 2019


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Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Meiling Palace, Yuejiang Tower, Meihuashan, Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Spot, Qinhuai River.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Nanjing: Halal· Ma Xiang Xing Restaurant( Yun Nan Bei Road ), HuiWei Ya XueFen Si Tang, LiJi QingZhenGuan, Jiang Nan Zao Chinese Restaurant (Shangri-La Hotel Nanjing), Nanjing Shi Chao Hui ( De Ji Square ).
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