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#GiveThanks Me and my friends spent great time in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. There are amazing places to visit and thanks to we organised everything and managed to be on time. I highly recommend the Sun Yat-sen’s Palace. Amazing view! thanks!!!
Posted: Dec 8, 2019
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Xuanwu Lake
There is more water in the south of the Yangtze River. It seems that every city has a lake as a tourist attraction. The most famous one is of course the West Lake in Hangzhou. As a free and open 5A-level scenic spot, West Lake is widely welcomed by tourists. This is the great wisdom of Hangzhou tourism. But in Nanjing, there is also a beautiful lake.
This lake in Nanjing is called Xuanwu Lake. The beauty of Xuanwu Lake is comparable to that of Hangzhou West Lake, and history and culture are even more heavy. The status of Xuanwu Lake is also closely related to the status of Nanjing. In the period of Nanjing as a capital, Xuanwu Lake mostly existed as an imperial garden.
Xuanwu Lake has a history of more than 2,000 years. It was called Houhu and Beihu in the ancient times. It was an imperial garden during the Six Dynasties. It was the seat of the Yellow Book Bank during the Ming Dynasty. It was a royal forbidden land. It was not opened until the end of the Qing Dynasty as a park and opened to the public.
Xuanwu Lake is nearly five miles away and is divided into Wuzhou (Huanzhou, Yingzhou, Lingzhou, Liangzhou, Cuizhou). The Zhouzhou Dyke Bridge is connected, and there is a mountain and water everywhere. The writer Ouyang Xiu once described Xuanwu Lake: "Jinling Momei is in Houhu; Qiantang Momei is in West Lake." Houhu is now the Xuanwu Lake.
When the Three Kingdoms Wu Wang Sunquan diverted water into the palace lake, Xuanwu Lake began to take shape of the lake. After Emperor Wendi destroyed Nanchen, he ordered the Nanjing City to be leveled, and Xuanwu Lake disappeared for the first time in this policy for more than two hundred years.

Location: 82-6 Fuchunjiang East Street, Ladfangs North Park South Gate! Looking across the river from the Xindi Center!

Environment: 2nd floor attic, there is a hall on the first floor, several round tables can provide a place for large gatherings, the second floor of the stairs, the stairs leading to the bathroom with stone roads and flowing water rockery decoration, it looks style On the wall, there are two big characters, "Game". On the second floor, the lights are dark. The shelves on the walls are filled with tea sets and various teas. On the second floor, there are two tea tables in the aisle. I seem to understand that this is A private kitchen with a dish! Its still quite high!

The second floor of the piano is melodious, and going inside, several different sizes of private rooms with different tea table partitions, various names, suitable for different groups of parties, tea! On the walls are some murals of ancient houses and waters, which are also elegant and quiet! After all, the first thing that feels like this is its environmental comfort!

Everything seems so quiet, there are not many waiters. Speaking is also gentle, whispering, very self-cultivating! It is also warm and thoughtful during the meal! !

Because it is a good set meal, it also saves the trouble of ordering vegetables, vegetable salad, fresh and refreshing, sweet and sour!

The dried bamboo shoots have a rich color, but lack a sweet taste. Some are light, the bamboo shoots are still very fresh, and the meat is barely seen!

Nanjing's signature dish, although it is common, but also pay attention to it, the store has given at least one hind leg, the large piece of meat is delicate, fat and not greasy, delicious and delicious! The taste is good! Especially after eating the old goose soup, it is another taste!

|Golden soup Bieshan ecological goose ^ store's signature dish, is also the most anticipated dish, did not let me down. First of all, the size of a large bowl, the amount is very sufficient, the waiter also used a small stove to heat, to maintain a fresh taste! The color is bright, the fragrance is overflowing, the meat is tender and chewy, and the mouth is endless! Lettuce is also relatively fresh! The most satisfying thing is the soup that comes out, which is delicious and rich. Its even better to have a meal!

Enzyme drink, the waiter reminded at the beginning that there is alcohol inside, if you drive, it is best not to drink! Fortunately, I didn't drive, I tasted a few mouthfuls. I didn't get used to it at first, but there was a fragrance, and it was quite good! Can also regulate the stomach!

The overall experience is good! !
Milan Prince
Nancy. Tao
Popular restaurants in Nanjing -bar

Listen to see the picture, you can see the theme of this restaurant

restaurant The doorway is surrounded by flowers
one into the restaurant
right side. The whole wall is full of wine
tables and chairs are very cute
wall is also covered In the 80s, the poster of the Hong Kong style
retro modern minimalist coexistence space
due to too much flowers
an illusion felt the wedding scene
restaurant in the middle is the location of the singer
8 o'clock Later, some people sang on the stage / /
quiet literary rock and other genres have

because friends do not eat spicy h
many dishes can not try
I ordered a well-regulated sour soup beef
unexpectedly delicious
green pepper is really great
fat beef is more delicious with the aroma of pepper
fruit Pizza is also better than the imagination
potato ball just started I am resisting
generally I will not order this dish
results are not as imaginary so fried
taste is earth Muddy kind of soft

although the music bar
dish taste is OK
may also have bad dishes
overall is worth it Pushing the home and punching
I personally is a bit resistant to this music meal
but I have to try
diversity before I know if I like it or not

/ Hh/opening time:
10.00 in the morning to 3:00 in the morning

5 pm in the past does not need to queue
eat more than 7 o'clock when the basics are almost full
estimate The later the more people
Recommend three delicious eclipse restaurants in Nanjing that are not too expensive. hh/
has always been a representative of exquisite food. The high-grade Japanese material is really only for a taste of me. And the environment, can not eat, not as good as a Japanese skewer, of course, the Japanese material is also cheap and delicious, today recommended three restaurants, each with a variety of food representatives also have their own characteristics.

(2019 must eat list recommended)
This shop is located in the 4th floor of Aishangtiandi, Xinjiekou, Nanjing. It was a shop that was accidentally discovered at noon. This is a relatively cheap price. A Japanese restaurant, there are also a lot of food choices, in addition to daily sushi, squid rice, tempura, fried seafood, cold seafood, etc., as well as sukiyaki, squid rice sauce People, not too tired, can eat a squid rice, sushi is also in the delicious range, I went several times, every time I ordered a different food, the taste is still very good, the price is also Very close to the people, friends who like to cook can try to punch the card.
People: 100 or so
Recommended: Shouxi pot sushi
No. 100, Zhongshan Road, Aishang Tiandi, Block A, Block 410

Rice Stalker (New Street) The top five list of foods in the mouth area)
light look at the restaurant name, it feels like running for a full meal. Before I came, I thought it was all based on staple food. In fact, the variety is very rich, charcoal grilled squid is very good. Eat, just eat two strings will be tired but I will miss it again later. The cheese fried pork ribs are ordered every time. The cheese inside is great. The cheese seems to match with any food. The pork chops and cheese are combined with the cheese, and the food is added. There is a new soul between them. The final dessert is also very delicious. There were limited meatballs before. The second time it was gone, the desserts should change according to the season. The special dishes should also be Not fixed, I went three times, and three new dishes came out.
People per capita 120
Recommended: squid cheese pork chops
No. 18, No. 18, Deji Plaza, No. 18, Zhongshan Road, L801, 8th Floor, Xinyikou International Studios, 1st Floor, Upper Floor,

Fisherman's shop (mainly sushi )
is located in Deji Plaza, which specializes in all kinds of sushi. The fresh sushi is very fresh. I am packing it in the Deji Square. I used to sit down at the Golden Eagle family. Eat, now Golden Eagle's store seems to be gone, Deji I have not eaten, pacing life is the first choice for squid lovers, the picture of the three sushi are very delicious, rice is also my favorite style, sticky but not greasy.
per capita 60
recommended full house sushi sashimi h
No. 18, Zhongshan Road, Deji Plaza, Phase 1, B1