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Chimelong Safari Park

4.7/543,124 Reviews

Business Hours

9:30-18:00 (Monday-Friday), 9:30-18:30 (Saturday-Sunday)


No. 593, Dashi Section, 105 National Road, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
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About Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park is part of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. Located in Guangzhou's Panyu, it is China's first and Guangzhou's only "AAAAA" grade scenic area. It is also the filming location of the famous reality show “Dad, Where Are We Going”. The park spans over 2000 acres of land including a large section of undisrupted Southeast China subtropical rainforest making it the largest eco-zoo in China. The park contains many wild animals from all over the world, of which many are rare species. It is a great place for family trips, there are plenty of animal performances in the park, and there is also a park zone designed specifically for children. It's a lot of fun!

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  • m40****095

    I went to Changlong Wildlife Park in Guangzhou today. It's great. It's worth the trip. It's very enlightening and fun for children to play with. Here are some strategies. I live in Hanting Hotel near Dashi Metro Station. It was already 11 o'clock when I came out in the morning. I went out and made a motorcycle. Ten yuan, I arrived at Beimen. From the North Gate to check tickets, I rented a baby carriage and spent 100 yuan deposit of 200 yuan. Then I took my child to a small train and visited the animals in the wild sanctuary for free. The tickets were included. Small trains must be done! Close contact with native wildlife! Excellent! At the end of the small train, it will return to its original place, that is, the North Gate. At this time, I suggest not to take the cable car directly. We entered the Jurassic World Line, and the second line was a one-way line. As we walked and watched, we went to Panda Paradise Cable Station. At Panda Paradise Station, we sat on the loop. That is to say, the cable car circles around and returns to Panda Paradise. When we get back from the cable car, we can see all the animals on the other side, from the fork of what is called Golden Monkey World to the line of Swan Lake and then back to the North Gate. We left the garden at nearly six o'clock. The whole zoo has been seen, and basically nothing has been omitted. Small train, cable car, must sit! Later, we came out of the North Gate and went back to the hotel by motorcycle. The park itself has free buses to the subway entrance and other parks. Okay, the first time to write a strategy. Hope to help you all! Great trip! Happy!

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    Reviewed on 1545651116000
  • 旺旺妈

    The main destination of this trip to Guangzhou is where the children have been longing for. After a long day's visit, the park should be more compact. The service is good. There are many staff who can ask for directions at any time, and the order is good. If you want to arrange for a big circus in a day, don't pick the circus seats (the circus starts at 5:00, seats first come first served) Zoo is divided into two parts, north and south. Three performances (see the previous strategy is 4) suggest that the North Gate enter. Security check does not allow food, but small packages can also be brought in. It's better to sit on the right side of the train for four people to take pictures. At 11:45, there were performances in Africa and one in the afternoon, but the other two performances were all in the afternoon. I'm afraid it's too late to watch them all in the afternoon. In the south, you have to walk. Children can rent a cart for 80 yuan and a battery car, but it's very expensive. The cable car is divided into three stations, each station is 60 adults, 40 children under 1.5 meters, and three stations are situated on the loop line, 120 adults and 80 children. It is suggested that the section from Shuaishuai Station to Mengmeng Station pass through Swan Lake with beautiful scenery. When you enter the gate, you must scan the two-dimensional code to download the map. The park is too big to see. Don't drop the main venues (pandas, koalas, Baihu Mountain, etc.). Qinglong Mountain, Golden Snake is a little scary to children, so give up! The performances are very good. It is suggested that we watch them and have a good place to enter the theatre about 15 minutes in advance. Children like to have change for food. The food in the panda restaurant is very expensive and tastes ordinary. 4D cinemas and amusement facilities are free, and there are also interactive programs to catch up with without special participation.

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    Reviewed on 1488106981000
  • 毛毛

    Changlong Wildlife Park is a must-see scenic spot to Changlong. There are two gates in the park, the South Gate and the North Gate. It is suggested that you enter from the north gate and leave from the South gate, so that you don't have to go the wrong way. Beimen is very close to the self-driving tourist area. First, take the park train or self-driving to visit the self-driving area. This is where Dad is going. It is necessary to come here. It is suggested that you take the right side whenever you want to visit the self-driving area, whether by train or by car, so that you can see many animals. Then visit the Qinglong Mountain Zoo, where there are Jurassic centuries, reptiles, birds and apes. Then visit the White Tiger Scenic Area, then visit the Koala Garden, white kangaroos, giraffes, elephants, and then visit the Panda Village. Next is the hippo, next to the South Gate, there are three performances and amusement parks. The amusement parks are free. You can play with your children. The discovery and exploration of the Huaguoshan Mountain in Africa is a spectacular performance. The performance of Asian forests feels very ordinary to me. Finally, from the South gate, there is a magnificent Flamingo habitat in the South gate. Finally, I would like to talk about the new cable car lines here, there are three lines, each line charges 60 yuan. If you have time, you can sit down and feel the feeling of overlooking animals.

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    Reviewed on 1492784774000
  • 啵啵

    Yesterday, I went to Wanggang, Jiahe, to take the subway line 3, get off at Sports West Road, and then transfer to Changlong, Hanxi, Metro Line 3. Then export from D or E, directly to Changlong Resort. At first I didn't know, but it turned out to be from Exit A. Then I couldn't cross it. The highway was separated. The things in the scenic area were expensive. You'd better bring your own water. I didn't come into the park until about 2 p.m. and I came out at 5 p.m. So I didn't have many places to visit and I didn't take the cable car. But after seeing the flamingos, koalas and pandas, it's no regret that they just went there. South Gate is closer, if you walk past. Free bus is also available. Then the water park and the happy world are all close to the subway station. The zoo is inside the comparison. It goes up one line.

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    Reviewed on 1502417951000
  • E33****7315

    chimelong safari park is one of the best park in the world i have ever visited.you can have a chance to see most of the animals. Rope car is also a plus point to have an attraction

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    Reviewed on 1570093251000
  • 球球麻麻

    If you come to Guangzhou, you must come to Changlong Wildlife Zoo. It's very interesting to watch animals by small train. Children like it very much. You can also take the Ferris Wheel to see the scenery of the zoo and overlook the animals at high altitude. It's unique! There are also entertainment facilities for children in the zoo. Not enough fun in a day! ___________ But one of the routes in the park is all snakes, and it is the only way. Our children are terrified, but they have to go through it and cry. I hope that the park can open another way to let the children who are afraid of snakes bypass!

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    Reviewed on 1548702127000
  • 136****6268

    The boss had a meeting to let us go to the group building. Just in time, I brought my mother, sister and nephew. There was a discount in December. It was a good deal. I feel that Changlong Wildlife Zoo is very full after a day, the staff are very enthusiastic, and Santa Claus candy is also available on the Christmas cruise. I am very happy that my nephew and mother are also very happy, and my mother has not been out much. I went in and took the sightseeing train to see a lot of wildlife, and I've been to Shanghai, but I still feel that Guangzhou will be more fun! __________ Down on foot to see the rest of the museum, and then take a free tour tour of the park cable car to see the whole park. There is a 3 o'clock performance that is highly recommended. The staff and the animals perform together. It's very sensible that we didn't see these activities when we went there. We heard the staff's guidance as we walked, and which one we met to see that one. There is also a 4D movie theater which is highly recommended. There are many games equipments in the park, which can be played free of charge. Thank you very much. In the future, I hope I can bring my baby and nephew to visit again!!

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    Reviewed on 1545486392000
  • 番茄只爱菠萝蜜

    Changlong Wildlife Park is divided into two gates, north and south. There are shuttles from south to north. There are many people during the Spring Festival. It can be said that there are a lot of people, but the shuttles are one by one. We went to Yuexiu Park for the Spring Festival. We lived near Yuexiu Park and booked tickets online. Before that, we put down a map on Changlong's official website (after entering the North Gate, we got a map). Then we said about my route. The direct Metro in the city changed 25 buses to the Xiangjiang Zoo Station on. At the North Gate, there was a self-service online ticket collection point, queuing and collecting tickets. It is said that there are many people who don't dare to try. There are security checks across the door, open the bag, and staff poke with sticks for a few times to see (a lot of people, not particularly careful). If you find food and water left behind, there is a special locker. Nanmen is too tired to come back. I didn't bring it with me. There is an idea, if the body, there is food at the bottom of the bag is not to be found. Beimen enters to take maps and go directly to the small train. There are too many people queuing during the festival, but it is also faster to get on the train (shorter than Shanghai Wildlife Park, etc.) to see the animals in the grazing area first. The small train has four people in a row, the most right side is the best. After that, we can see that there are more people, and then we can go to the Jurassic forest. Basically, there are reptiles and dinosaur models in it. It's nice to have a big anteater. With the flow of people slowly walking, half a day to come out. Later I watched it casually. There were white tigers feeding to the central and southern theatre performances, but there were too many people in the queue. It seems that there are three restaurants in Changlong. I buy more than 60 boxed meals and 12 or 15 roast sausages. Indeed, Xiaogui, the most memorable thing is feeding giraffes, a small branch of 15 yuan, but the giraffe is on the side, it feels very good! _________ The Spring Festival Koala Pavilion is full of people, maybe there is no other place (not sure where there are koalas in China), you can take pictures, like 50 yuan?! We come out of Nanmen, direct subway station, very convenient. Changlong I have the impression of characteristic animals, koalas, anteaters, white kangaroos. Apart from the slightly expensive meals, the managers are still very good. It is suggested that festivals should be crowded with people. The number of people in the North Gate should go directly to the small train first, and the number of people in the South Gate should go to the animal show first, and then take the small train in the afternoon when the South Gate is approaching.

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    Reviewed on 1486155655000
  • 空空儿511

    Very good wildlife park, when you go, it's the anniversary of the opening of the park. The cable car is free. It's very good. Because it's not weekends and holidays, there are not many people, and there's no queue for trains. At noon, you also meet giant pandas to eat. It's very lovely, that is, you can't take food with you, you can only eat in it. The cost-effective ratio is low. It's very convenient to buy tickets online on the machine at the entrance. Free shuttle service.

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    Reviewed on 1517314211000
  • 喆喆骁钰

    The little guy looked at "dad's where to go." the big movie and "wonderful friends" began to grow grass on Changlong. Today, I saw each other and laughed all the time. There was no complaint about tired Alipay. The number of steps was as high as 23000. Ctrip's opening time is 9:30. Otherwise, we have changed our tickets and passed the security check. (No food or water is recommended to bring 500 ml of mineral water to the scenic spot. A bottle of mineral water costs 10 yuan and two silver.) It is estimated that 9:20 may be the reason for the Eleventh National Day holidays. Do remember to go early or take the free trains and cable cars for a long time. Oh, the small trains pass through the Asian Forest and the free cable cars. Australian Deep Forest and African Prairie staff explained that if a private car enters the park and occasionally comes into contact with you in front of the animal door meeting, oh, the small train can also go to take the cable car after getting off at Swan Lake. If you want to get on the train as soon as possible, you can still queue up for 50 yuan / people can walk through VIP channel and the residents of Changlong Hotel without waiting so long for the cable car to overlook the sky. Where the train passes is more intuitive and clear. Changlong is a popular science zoo performing theatre in Asia and Africa. It mainly teaches children to love animals. Every day, there are several small theatre performances. It is suggested to take a picture of the performance time of the machine theatre at the entrance and ask for a map of the park so as not to miss the time. Besides theatrical performances, animal performances such as White Tiger Diving are also worth seeing. In the African dance near the Mengshuai Cool Panda Restaurant, we recommend that you take free photos with foreign dancers. Oh, the pony rides and feeds elephants to giraffes. It's a lot of money. Whether it's restaurants or bathrooms, the service is good, neat and clean without any odor, including the whole park can hardly ask about the smell of animals. We came forward at 9:30 and watched at 6 in the evening. Almost every pavilion in the happy parade came to see almost every pavilion. This "happiness tour >" was far less than Zhuhai Changlong and Hongkong Disney. It was less than half an hour. At least some foreign actors' simple dances and sprouting cool three Panda Dolls shook hands with everyone. OK, no fireworks, no dance of passion. Dance and music time is too short. This is the only urine point in Changlong, Guangzhou. When you leave the park at night, there is a free bus at the entrance to the circus parking lot. The kid was tired and went back to the hotel to watch TV and fell asleep. The kid in the park who really deserved a day's play dreamed and said - "I'll come back to Changlong again. (Laughter).)

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    Reviewed on 1538509498000
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