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Chinese Dinosaur Park

4.5/530,262 Reviews
Theme Park

Business Hours

9:00-17:00 (Monday-Friday); 9:00-17:30 (Saturday, Sunday); (Restaurant opening hours until 13:30)


No. 60, Hehai Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
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About Chinese Dinosaur Park

China Dinosaurs Park is a dinosaur-themed integrated amusement park equipped with a variety of thrilling rides and entertaining performances. In the summer, there is a water animation park and a night park. You can try out the Fire Dragon Revelry to experience a high altitude pendulum ride, or board the “Jet Tower” and experience the exhilarating drop. There is also China's only 4D roller coaster that allows you to experience the thrill of speed and flying.

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  • _CFT01****0805374

    Sixty-seven years ago, I went to a dinosaur park with my husband's boyfriend. This time, more people went to a four-year-old baby and a friend of my husband's. The weather was good and the sun was hot. Although there were many people who didn't play on Sunday, the first one went straight to the water and fire power. This need for children to reach 1.5 meters. The best thing about dinosaur park is that every project pays the most attention to safety and small size. Friends have strict height restrictions, adults'safety measures will be checked back and forth three times, it is very reassuring. The two adults played high, exciting games all over, Tongtian Tower, crazy dragon drill, Thunder Dragon roller coaster, mountain dragon... It was hard to find a baby who could play through Jurassic and went in line for half an hour. I thought the baby would sit in front of me and I could protect it. I didn't think the child could only sit in No. 4. But it was too dark and there were often dinosaurs in it. He was so frightened that he said he would never come again. He was speechless. This project was still too exciting for the baby. After 4 days, the cinema was full of excitement. Lost world is also, I will be frightened to death, there is a child in the cinema were frightened to cry and shout to go, I think we can put some origin of life, the evolution of the earth and so on mild point, after 3 p.m. is the time for babies, fantasy paradise is all suitable for the project of one meter or so babies, flying planes, driving trains and riding Ferris wheel are not happy to go out. Generally speaking, for husband and his friends, the ticket is worth it. For those with children, it's still a bit of a pit. Let's wait for the baby to be over 1.5 meters. The water in it is really expensive with the reminder of friendship. Ten bottles of mineral water and twenty cones were not scared to death. It is suggested to bring more water when the weather is hot. Five bottles of water are not enough.

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    Reviewed on 1469065654000
  • 咖喱他老爹

    It's a good theme park. It's suggested that we rent a battery car first after entering the park. It's hot. It's a bit overwhelming to take children for a walk. On the last day of our Dragon Boat Festival, we had a lot of people to play on the second day of the working day. The party was almost half an hour to an hour. The next working day was much better, and basically the party lasted for half an hour. The amusement facilities of the whole park can meet the needs of tourists of all ages. However, the height limitation of some items needs to be improved. Several very mild-looking devices can only be played at 140 CM or more, while many of them are thrilling and exciting at a glance, but only 120 CM. In China, such theme parks have been counted well, the surrounding supporting hotels, as well as matching game items are perfect, strongly recommend Dino Water Town boutique hotel!

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    Reviewed on 1496248331000
  • 麻麻爱甜馨

    The second brush of Changzhou Dinosaur Park, let me feel very surprised. First of all, let's talk about transportation. We traveled by high-speed railway from Shanghai. It took her an hour to ride on high-speed railway. She was very happy. Tickets are bought in the hotel, living in the dinosaur theme resort hotel, the park's amusement facilities are mostly suitable for more than 1.4 children, and younger children can play in the Dream Manor, although not for my children, but the dinosaur theme park took her around to see, she has been very happy.

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    Reviewed on 1542421279000
  • 贪吃糖的小野猫

    Today, I went to the dinosaur garden through my work. I really like it. There are many green vegetation coverage and many personal activities. Maybe it's childlike, too fond of children's playground, but it happened to some children's spring outing, the first day of junior high school really told me, roller coaster, pendulum, pirate boat, it's not scary at all... Maybe it's because I'm timid and I feel a little embarrassed! Every staff member is also very good, very patient to answer the questions of tourists, the health of the playground is also very good. Next time, I will have a good time with my friends. I'm looking forward to going to the haunted house. Unfortunately, I'm in a hurry today. I don't have time. I'll leave my regrets for a better future and take a boyfriend to have a good time.

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    Reviewed on 1490294945000
  • 浠曦

    Dinosaur Garden is still quite interesting. It bought VIP tickets and three things that don't need to be queued. It feels awesome. One is a four-dimensional movie. It's really interesting. It sprays water or something. There's something poking at you on the chair. The chair is really omnipotent. There's also a water-related one. I saw a lot of interesting things in a boat. The pavement is very long. I went up three slopes and then one. Slide down, a little bit of the feeling of torrential courage, very exciting ~ there is a 3-day roller coaster, originally thought, is that kind of look at the feeling, the result is a super thrilling exciting roller coaster! ________ On the whole, it's fun, and there aren't many people on weekends. The queues are basically two rounds.~

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    Reviewed on 1450890028000
  • ba****ijo

    Services: 1) From entering the underground garage, every 50 meters or so, there will be staff in night light clothes to navigate, clear and standardized action without shouting; 2) clear signs after getting off, there will be patrols to tell us how to get to the elevator when pushing the baby carriage; 3) Today, the weather is good and few people, almost no queue can enter, in advance in the public comment group. After buying tickets and making an appointment, the staff will arrange for the baby carriage to take the express passage on their own initiative. 4) Although the salesmen in the park are not enthusiastic, they are polite. They won't throw their eyes off when they try them on. The hosts are full of passion and the dancers have a brilliant smile. Even the ticket inspectors are thoughtful. Matching: 1) Dinosaur statues are vivid in shape and bright in color. No one is missing arms or legs. 2) There are many food stalls with reasonable prices and better taste than most scenic spots. 3) Substitution tools include Park battery car 30 yuan/person full-time ride and small battery car 120 yuan/hour 4). The ground is flat and undamaged. Shade covers are engraved with different dinosaur patterns and the park maintains overall harmony. 5) There is no entertainment of mother and child facilities: 1) mainly high-altitude projects, rollercoaster rocker arms, these, I am so timid that I almost cried. It is estimated that because the next door is the water world, there are not many water projects, all projects have prompted the need to queue for more than 40 minutes, according to my observation, half of the time is used to confirm the safety of each visitor on the equipment; 2) Flower Car cruise, the day cruise is relatively simple, that is, two cars carrying more than 20 foreigners along the road live dance, do not know whether there will be a large float at night; ) The 4D cinema sea lion shows these routine environments: 1) The park is not big, but the whole is clean and tidy, there is toilet paper in the bathroom, no odor, the garbage can is cleaned up in time, but the water table area needs to be reduced. Surrounding: There's a water world next door, and there's an Otelles. A 5-10 minute drive from Wanda Square concludes that one day is enough for Dinosaur Park and one weekend for Water World.

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    Reviewed on 1435285028000
  • 136****1828

    Be prepared before you go. There are so many people on holidays. Because I have done my homework well in advance and selected several projects I want to play, so I am still good. I have basically played all the things I want to play. The longest queue for 2 hours, the staff in the park are more enthusiastic, no problem asking the way, most of the time the project is played by the staff in the repeated inspection of security measures, after all, safety first, this can understand. In the elephant riding project, staff members came to peddle carrots and bought them for a long time. It seems that carrots buy more, and they can ride on elephants for a longer time. When we got in line, we were told to go to another place to buy tickets. Many tourists didn't know and complained a lot. The food in the park is not particularly expensive, but like most scenic spots, it tastes bad and the quantity is small. Especially Taiwan beef noodles, 48 yuan a bowl, a few chopsticks on the disappearance, beef taste is not, advise everyone not to eat. Generally speaking, the park is worth visiting, especially with children over 1.40 meters tall, most of the items can be played. When you go there, you must keep a good view of the weather. Many projects are closed on rainy days.

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    Reviewed on 1444084401000
  • 286****654

    The Changzhou Dinosaur Park, which was visited on January 22, 2016, is larger and has more facilities for children than it was three years ago. Unfortunately, the weather was bad and it snowed that day. Many large-scale equipment was shut down or overhauled, including many performances were cancelled, which made me feel disappointed. There was not much passenger flow on Friday. It was probably due to the weather. The elephant performance did not catch up. It was good to watch the sea lion performance, although the time was short, it was not very enjoyable. The bird show was also suspended. The lost world of 4D movies is good! The 5D one had a good time, sitting in a dinosaur chair and shooting sick dinosaurs. The torrent is worth playing. Although it's soaked through, the scenery inside the cave is worth seeing! ___________ There are many dinosaur fossils in the Chinese Dinosaur Park. Egg-twisting machines and gift shops can be seen everywhere. Children keep buying and buying. A dinosaur commemorative coin of 3 yuan is quite cheap, remember! Never buy a pizza for 20 yuan a small portion. It's better to buy a hamburger for 20 yuan if the weight is not enough.

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    Reviewed on 1453551755000
  • M12****817

    Student tickets are still very cost-effective, the attractions are also excellent, the theme is clear, like a fairy town, very feeling. It's just that there are too many people __________________ We went in at more than nine o'clock, and by 5:30 p.m., we had played five projects altogether. We have met the requirement of ______________ Also, the scenic area is not generally expensive to eat, I suggest you bring your own food and water. Of course, local tyrants are at will. In short, it's worth it!!

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    Reviewed on 1429358322000
  • 罗昂柏妮丝

    Take the children to play, the children play very happy, although the rain did not quench the enthusiasm of the children, if to 140 most of the projects can play, that is, the queue time is longer, there are many places to eat in the scenic spots, do not worry about not eat, do not rush, or book tickets for two days, play for two days is better.

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    Reviewed on 1455421042000
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