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Fangchenggang Guaishi (Strange Stones) BeachNearby City

Fangchenggang Guaishi (Strange Stones) Beach

4/565 Reviews
Ranked #14 in Fangchenggang Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Your graduation trip to the sea, strange stones, beautiful scenery, seafood, all in one go Many friends come to Fangchenggang to travel perhaps only in the city, perhaps to the white waves beach, or to Dongxing a round, then choose to leave the city. In fact, there is also an attraction in Fangcheng Port, which can meet everyone's needs to go out to sea, see the strange stones, enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat seafood. This is the strange stone beach not far from the white waves. 🚉 Traffic Raiders: The traffic is not very convenient. If you are not driving yourself, you can find someone to ride in Balang Beach, or you can walk to the side of the white beach like me, block the roadside car. 🗓 Itinerary: At the time point, everyone must avoid the tide. I arrived at the tide. I didn't see any strange stones at all. It is best to come here at the low tide to see the most beautiful strange things. ✅Must experience: In fact, many people are not here to see the strange stones mainly, they mainly want to experience the feeling of going out to sea and fishing. The whole boat is sold as a whole. If two people are not enough money, they can share the boat with others. Don't feel that fishing is a happy thing. The seasick people choose carefully. When everyone returns, they will spread the seafood all over the place. Everyone will pick up the seafood they want with the chopsticks. This way of splitting is also a favorite feeling for many people."