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Popular Attractions in Nanxijiang

Yongjia College
718 Reviews
The Yongjia Academy was first built in the late Northern Song Dynasty and fell with the Yongjia School of Thought at the end of the Ming Dynasty The present Yongjia Academy is a scenic area, located on the Nanxi River in Yongjia, Wenzhou. It features both the style of the Southern Song and beautiful natural scenery. Other attractions in the area include playgrounds for children, cultural performances, circuses, water parks, and rural tourism.
Longwantan National Forest Park
601 Reviews
Longwantan National Forest Park is located in the Shizhiyan Scenic Area of ​​Nanxi River in Wenzhou. The parkpresentss a beautiful landscape due to waterfalls formed by a stream of water in the mountains. If possible, please walk along the plank road to the high-altitude glass viewing platform on the mountain top. This U-shaped observation deck is suspended out of the cliff. Walk on the glass if you dare.
Shiwei Rock
859 Reviews
Geological Sites
Shiwei Rock is located in Hesheng Town, northeast of Yantou, and is one of the attractions not to be missed in Nanxi River. The volcanic activity of 100 million years ago left a 306-meter-high lone peak, the shape of the ship's raft, proudly overlooking the surrounding peaks, and the reddish rocks changed into different shapes at different angles. You can take a boat view, or you can walk up the boardwalk between the mountains and the mountains.
Nanxi River Scenic Area
362 Reviews
The Nanxi River zigzags through the entirety of Yongjia from the north to the south. It is a fascinating landscape in southern Zhejiang. You can sit on a bamboo raft and enjoy the fascinating scenery of the Nanxi River and Shiweiyan, marvel at the waterfalls of the Jiuyi Shimentai, and explore the mysterious ancient village. Among the ancient village, there are old academic halls and ancestral temples, which are all worth seeing. The view of streams and the countryside are especially mesmerizing at the turn of spring and summer.

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Trip Moments

It was said that the Lishui Ancient Street in the evening is more flavorful. If you have enough time, you can walk here during the day. The mountains are still the same, the trees are full of trees, and you will continue to stroll through the time corridor of Lishui Ancient Street to taste the vicissitudes of history. The tranquility of the Jiangnan water town, the beauty of the mountains, the beauty of the water, the beauty is more beautiful. In this time, the leisurely promenade in this time, in this situation, look up and see, suddenly open eyes. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.

The foot is stepping on the cobblestones of the old street, and the wall of the old street is handed. The feeling is quiet, natural and simple, and it is a distant memory. Walk on the aisle of this rugged, cobblestone that has been polished by time. With the lightness of the air, the nostalgic thoughts are far and near, quiet or rendering, ambiguous or clear, all the moods in the hands of the camera "" "" shutter sound in the air!

[Travel Tips]: It is recommended to come here in the evening to look better. You can see a lot of local people living here, and of course you have a flavor during the day.
[Address]: East edge of Yanjia Yantou Village, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province
[ticket]: 15 yuan/person
1. Bus: There are dozens of bus lines and bus routes in Wenzhou. Most buses have a single fare of 1.5 yuan (air-conditioned cars, etc., many are unsold tickets, please prepare 5 coins for 5 cents, otherwise you will not find zero), the bus starts at 1.5 yuan, and the price is calculated by distance. 26 is a sightseeing car and the fare is 2 yuan.
2. Taxi: Wenzhou taxi is quite cheap, starting price 10 yuan 4 kilometers
Posted: Feb 7, 2019
Cangpo Ancient Village, if you are not careful, you will be on the side of an inconspicuous wall, a pool of water that is not shocked, an old and boring cypress, reading a mourning slave, and a butterfly love Flowers, or a dream. The mountain is like a pen holder, then a straight street is used as a pen, and a pair of ponds are chiseled on the side of the street. A large stone is placed next to the pen street in the Dianchi Lake. The pen, ink, paper, and enamel are all together. The article, the village's houses, pavilions, ancestral halls, as well as trees, flowers, and people, and cats, dogs, cattle and sheep, are written on paper, painted on paper. Cangpo is more passionate, and there is no need to worry about "there can't find a paper in the mountains." Cangpo is to be carefully read. By measuring the cobblestone streets with your footsteps, you can experience the hardships and sorrows of Lis ancestor Li Wei as the long road to escape from the Changchun Lingshan in Fujians Changxi; use the palm to ask the ancient wood and cypress, the branches and leaves will tell you, In front of the Renji Temple, the two three people hold the thick cypress trees and the story of the ban on the yak yak, killing the cows and smashing the shackles; with the eyes stalking the mountains and the mountains, the stone bridge in the village whispers to you: In addition to pen and ink, Cangpo Ancient Village also has a "Dragon". [Travel Tips]: Cangpo Ancient Village is a well-preserved ancient village. When you are playing, you must be a civilized tourist. Don't scribble and destroy cultural relics. "Come here." [Address]: West of Xianqing Road, Yantou Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City [Tickets]: Renji Ancient Temple: 10 yuan / person other attractions free [Transportation]: From Yantou Town, take a tricycle to Cangpo Village, fare 5 yuan.
Posted: Feb 7, 2019

Cangpo, located in the middle reaches of Nanxi River in Yongjia County, built in the Five Dynasties and formed in the Southern Song Dynasty. On the front of the village, there is a "car door" on the book "Cangpoxi Gate" four words, on both sides of the "four-walled Qingshan Tibetan tiger leopard, double pool clear water storage dragon." Cangpo Village is based on the four treasures of the study. In the village, a straight street called the pen street, on the west of the village of Bijiashan, with two square pools as a platform, on both sides of the platform to set aside giant stones to think of ink, surrounded by thousands of acres of Pingtian thought paper. It is intended to inspire future generations to study in the official, Guangzong Yaozu.

Entering the village from the car door, first pass through a pavilion bridge between five pools with five large strips of about 3 meters long. Longqiao." In the "Pinghu Lake" of Dongchi, there is a "Shuiyuetang" surrounded by water, which is a memorial hall built for the Eighth ancestor--Wu Jinshi, the step-riding general Li Jinxi, and the Liao Dynasty. Before the war, Li Gong had to send people back to their hometowns to express their determination to "decision and death." Nanshanyu in Nanxijiang Village has his "beard grave".

aerial photography, SongzhuangCangpo. Most of the ancient dwellings in the village are Song-style wooden buildings, or one into two porches, or two into three into four courtyards, with different characteristics; the lanes and walls are all based on the cobblestones of the blue color, which is simply a beautiful stone culture city. Cangpo is old, and he is still older than Pengzu, who lived more than 800 years old. Although Cangpo is old, the image of cultivating and reading culture is not old. The farming culture of Cangpo is written between heaven and earth. Taking the sky as the cover for the paper, the Shoushan Mountain of Cangpo is far from the water.
Posted: Feb 7, 2019