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About Nanyang

Nanyang was known as Wan in ancient times, and it is one of the first batch of historical cultural cities that China opened to the world. It is one of the tourist areas with a concentrated Han culture and is a main tourist attraction of the Central Plains. It has cultural attractions such as Wuhou Temple, Medical God Temple, Han Painting Hall, Neixiang County Hall, Zhangheng Tomb and Peng Xuefeng Memorial Hall. The abundant natural landscapes include Neixiang Baotianman National Geological Park, Neixiang Tianxin Cave Scenic Area, Xixia Funiu Mountain Scenic Area, Danjiangkou Reservoir Scenic Area, Tongbai Huaiyuan Scenic Area, Jiulong Valley Scenic Area and Nanyang Baihe River Tourist Area.

Popular Attractions in Nanyang

Laojie (Old Boundary) Ridge
423 Reviews
The Laojie Ridge Scenic Tourism Area is located in the northeastern part of Xixia County, at the intersection of Nanyang and Luoyang. Consisting of the 4A-level Laojie Ridge Scenic Area and the 4-star Laojie Ridge Summer Resort, it is one of the core areas of the Funiu Mountain Geological Park. The Laojie Ridge Scenic Area has three major natural landscapes: Qifeng, Qishi and Qishu. The scenic area's main peak Jijiaojian is also the main peak of Funiu Mountain and one of the highest peaks of the Central Plains. Along with being Funiu Mountain's main peak, Laojie Ridge is also the east-west watershed dividing line of China's mountain ranges, the north-south climate transition zone and the Yangtze River-Yellow River boundary line. This is why, ever since ancient times, it has been known as the Old Boundary.
Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park
576 Reviews
Theme Park
The Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park is located in Xixia County's Danshui Town in Nanyang City. It is one of the Funiu Mountain National Geological Park's important attractions. The Xixia dinosaur site is a sedimentary paleontological site within the Cretaceous fault basin. So far more than 1,000 dinosaur egg fossils have been uncovered from the top layer. Among these fossils, the Xixia giant long egg and Gobi prismatic egg are incredibly rare finds. They are symbolic of the fossilized eggs which have been discovered at Xixia. A large number of dinosaur egg fossils were unearthed in Xixia. They are well-preserved and magnificent, and have become known as the ninth wonder of the world after the "First Qin Emperor's Terracotta Warriors and Horses."
Longtangou Scenic Area
231 Reviews
Longtangou Scenic Area is 38 kilometers north of Xixia County, Nanyang City. Four aspects stand out. First, the dense waterfalls, connected in clusters. Second, fancy rocks and perilous cliffs. The rock heaps throughout the canyon take all forms, embodying the mouth, the horn, and the body of a dragon, resembling a picture of flying dragons. Third, the area has a collection of wildlife resources. Finally, it is surrounded by endless beautiful landscape.
Dan River Daguanyuan
290 Reviews
Boat Tour
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Dan River Daguanyuan is one of Fusen Group's key projects under the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan.” Based on the strategic guidance plan to build a “National Ecological Demonstration County, Central Plains County and Regional Economic County,” it utilizes the opportunities provided by the South-to-North Water Transfer Project to invest in eco-tourism, as to comprehensively and harmoniously develop and realize economic, social and ecological benefits. As one of the sources of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the Danjiangkou Reservoir holds more water than any other artificial reservoir in Asia.

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Trip Moments

, summer heat and cool, in this quiet and quiet August / hc / calm, stand for a leisurely and comfortable / hc / in the quiet summer season, all over the green, embrace a green ~ is located in the northern part of Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, in the upper part of the southern slope of Funiu Mountain, in the core area of the Laobianling Nanyang Fu Niushan World Geopark and the national nature reserve, by Lover Valley, Xianren Valley, Sun and Moon It consists of four major scenic spots in the valley and the boundary of the main peak, and the old boundary mountain summer resort and the old boundary ropeway. Laojieling is located in the northeastern part of Taiping Town in Xixia County. It is said that Wu Zetians daughter, Taiping Princess, often came to Laojieling for a summer vacation, hence the name Taiping Town. It is also said that Laozi once practiced in the old boundary of the Qing dynasty, and took charge of the prayers of the 800-year-old Niushan Mountain and turned into a stone (mountain god). Therefore, it has been called "Old Border Ridge" since ancient times. Old Bound Ridge is known as the Summer Resort, Vacation Paradise because of its forest coverage rate of over 98% and the average summer temperature of 18 degrees.
Posted: Dec 16, 2018
Finally arrived in Nanyang, and stayed at the Meixi International Hotel in the center of the city, clean and comfortable rooms, elegant and warm lobby, it is a refreshing, faded long walks; it is worth mentioning that it is from Nanyang Its very close to the snack street, and its super convenient to go shopping and play~
Posted: Dec 17, 2018
Most people in Henan do not know that in Nanyang, there is a waterfall and water secret, it is the 72nd Lake Scenic Area. The scenic area is green and blue, the valley is dense and dense, the stone is strange, the waterfall is flying, the Yuan Dynasty barracks site, the Nanyang emperor Liu Xiu stop to stay in love, the poetry Li Bai to this poem. Ishikawa's natural and healthy footpath, Tianchi's Tianchi business and leisure vacation, the beautiful and beautiful beauty peaks, etc. Ishikawa geological landscape was formed 150 million years ago, and the downhill step is 4 kilometers long. The first 3D high-altitude glass cable bridge in the country is a stunning scenic spot in Nanyang 72. The suspension bridge is about 220 meters long, the width of the bridge is 2.5 meters, the net width of the road is 2.0 meters, and the highest drop from the ground is about 160 meters. . The suspension bridge spans the river, with a view of the Tianchi and a view of the canyon. Walking on it is like a wind. Different from other scenic glass roads, the glass suspension bridge of the 72nd Lake Scenic Area has its own 3D effect!
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Wuyang Temple in Nanyang covers an area of more than 200 acres and is surrounded by Jiamu. It is the earliest, largest and most protected Wuhou Temple in Zhuge Liangzhu Temple. The existing Yuan Dynasty has more than 40 stone tablets in the Ming Dynasty. There are dozens of people in a hundred years. Wuhou Temple not only loses the rigorous and solemn atmosphere of the famous gentry, but also preserves the lively and fresh scene of the former residence garden. The beautiful natural scenery and the attractive human landscape complement each other, making people linger. The gossip maze here seems simple, but the staggered trails are interspersed among them, hiding the mystery everywhere. It is not easy to think of it when you go in. If you are interested, it is better to try it.
Posted: Dec 23, 2018