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About Nara

Nara is an ancient city, even older than Kyoto. After the Japanese royal family moved to Kyoto, it gradually became a quiet little town. The ancient town within the city has perfectly preserved characteristics of the Edo period, while Todai-ji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple and Toshodaiji Temple still exude a strong traditional feel. World Heritage Site Kasuga-taisha, or Grand Shrine, is a great place to experience the lantern and “monkey” festivals in the Spring. Elegant sika deer roam freely through Nara Park, making it a perfect place to get closer to the native majestic wildlife. A hike up Wakayama Mountain offers a spectacular panoramic view of this ancient city. Nara may not draw the same crowds as other cities, but its unique historical heritage and tranquil atmosphere make it an attractive destination.

Popular Attractions in Nara

Nara Park
1,875 Reviews
City Park
Nara Park is a vast open park located on the east side of Nara Street. Most of Nara's attractions, including grassy hills, Todaiji, Kasuga Grand Shrine, and the Nara National Museum, can be found gathered around here. Picturesque all year round, the park is home to hundreds of wild sika deer which roam the open meadows.
1,008 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Todaij, located on the east side of Nara, boasts a history of over 1,200 years. As one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, it has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage site. Jianzhen, an eminent monk of the Tang Dynasty in China, set up the temple here as the ordination hall for monks. The large bronze Buddha and the reconstructed East Hall are must-see attractions.
Kasuga Grand Shrine
872 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
A local Shinto shrine, Kasuga Grand Shrine has a history of thousands of years and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was founded by the powerful Fujiwara family and is dedicated to four guardian spirits of the Fujiwara family. It is now an important place of worship in Japan. White deer are said to be the messengers of gods, of which this site has many. Visitors here can walk among the deer along the Kasuga Grand Shrine omotesando and immerse themselves in the nature of the surrounding ancient trees.
Toshodaiji Temple
260 Reviews
Located in Wujo-cho, Nara, Tangzhao Temple is a temple founded by the Tang Dynasty Gaochun Jianzhen. Today, it still has a strong Tang style. Among them, Jintang and the lecture hall are 8th-century wooden buildings, which are extremely precious. The monk of Jianzhen accepted the invitation of Emperor Shengwu and came to Japan to innovate Japanese Buddhism, but after suffering a lot of hardships, it took 12 years to finally arrive in Nara. In order to thank the Tang Dynasty monks, in 759 AD, the Japanese established the Tangzhao Temple with the foundation of the 7th Emperor of Emperor Tianwu.

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Here are the absolute best restaurants in Nara: Mitsuba, Genkishin, Nakatanido, mellow cafe, Yatagarasu.
Here are the best places to visit in Nara, including: Naramachi, Isuien Garden, Todai-ji Temple, Mount Wakakusa, Nigatsu-do Temple.