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Castaway Cay

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"A very wonderful honeymoon trip-Castaway Cay Rafting Island This time I went to Miami with my husband for a honeymoon, just to take Disney’s exclusive cruise ship Magic, to their island—Castaway Cay Rafting Island. We booked the honeymoon trip on the official website. Friends can also go with the tour in China, but the tour fee is much more expensive than other cruises. We first flew to Miami and then chose this place to play. The island is located in the northern part of the Bahamas. It is a private island exclusively for Disney. Only cruise ships can stop there. Along the way, we passed through Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, for a total of five days and four nights, and finally returned to Miami. After disembarking, there will be staff dressed as classic Disney characters to greet you, take a photo with you, and feel like you are in paradise, and then you will see the beach, the water is gradual, it is really beautiful! The beach here is divided into three parts: family, teenagers and adults. There is also a local post office on the island. You can send postcards back, and there will be an exclusive postmark! It should be noted that not all places can be visited, only the cruise liner has amusement facilities (only 10% of the area has been developed, and it will be better in the future) and some paid items (such as renting a bicycle for riding), using the cruise room Card settlement. Snacks are recommended. Lunch on the island is in the form of self-service, and these are free (alcohol needs to be paid for). There are two gift shops for everyone to buy and buy! In short, it is a paradise for children and a paradise for adults."