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Art Museum
Luhu A4 GalleryNearby City

Luhu A4 Gallery

20 Reviews
"Art Museum"
Open on Tue-Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
" #The new way to open the city. The most worthwhile exhibition in Chengdu in the second half of the year is coming! A4 The new exhibition of the Art Museum has a surprise to see two artists' individual exhibitions every time. "Feng Lizhang Good Night" "He Liping How is it recently?" One exhibition and two exhibitions are really too addictive! Over the weekend: Good Night / How's it going? Time: 2021.11.21 2022.3.6 Address: Wuhu A4 Art Gallery Watching the Preface of the Exhibition In this special period, many people's lives seem to be surrounded by a glass of gray. The more we need a new perspective to look at this increasingly absurd reality. Perhaps letting go of our disguise and letting go of our inner emotions, and using one absurd power against another, will inspire more possibilities. The exhibition introduces the "Feng Li individual exhibition Good Night" and the past exhibition is different, not only will enjoy the Feng Li photography works, the most value surprise is the artist created by the artistic installations constructed by the weird theater and theme space, immersive image ocean exhibition, really was amazing. Watching the exhibition will also have the opportunity to participate in Feng Li's live shooting, together with the artist's inner world of the strange bar. "How's the Ho Liping solo exhibition going? " The artist's new space installation, "Production Safety, " will be built a temporary shed, some nonsense scene layout into the artist's understanding of the current "market" subtle emotions. Photo Raiders 1. immerse yourself in the Ocean Ball Hall like a child, standing, sitting, and taking a whole atmosphere. 2. Photograph some of the backs of artworks, and body imitation with the exhibits, and take photos that are super cool. 3. The third floor exhibition can be put on the design inside the full sense of "worker clothing" into the scene. I am Jia. A boy who loves to explore the shop/watch exhibition/travel plans to see an exhibition. This is the first time I hope you like biubiu as much as I do ~ Remember to give me #Art Tour is not finished exploring the exhibition Click on the card #Photographing the exhibition"
Museum of Contemporary Art, ChengduNearby City

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu

4.4/5100 Reviews
"Art Museum"
Ranked #5 in Chengdu Popular Art Exhibitions
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Along with many Dior Chinese brand friends Zhao Liying, Prince Wen, Chen Yuxin, Feng Delun and others appear in the 7.24 Sun "Christine Dior, Dream Designer" Chengdu Exhibition Opening Wine. Come and enjoy the creative passion of the Audi brand for more than 70 years! Exhibition Time: 2021.7.25-2021.9.7 (10:00-18:00) Exhibition Location: MOCA Exhibition Ticket price: 40 RMB Eleven Theme: [New Style] [Designer of Dior Brand] [Miss Dior] [Dior Garden] [Audi Toward the World] [Dior Workshop] [Versailles] [Dior Ball] [Dior True My Perfume] [Diorama] [Dior in China] Dior and Dior in the world show Dior's cultural exchange in the world: via Egypt, India, Britain, Mexico, Spain and China. One of them is a Chinese artist Xu Bing brandish ink calligraphy in this China exhibition area to show the red atmosphere of China in the color of red, black on a quite Chinese style clothes I love the cheongsam dress, do you have a favorite one? The garden and the dance of Dior Mr. designer Christine Dior has a fondness for the beauty of China since childhood, which is also an important part of Dior since 1947, and a symbol of fragrance products. Romantic garden design hall and every piece of clothing, like maiden wardrobe, gentle and romantic, the Dior Ball is more like a castle where many Dior princesses are looking forward to attending the party, a series of wonderful dresses that show a fantastic romance, this wonderful The Dior designers exhibit so many memories to see the designers' romance and enthusiasm that they enjoy in every scene: The beauty of the Dior, the lounge area is included, the place to enter, remember to wear a mask, the place is set, try not to touch the area, can not use professional camera, can not flash"