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Trip Moments

New York,Recommendations
Yankee Stadium
For those who love the New York Yankees, checking out a game at the Yankee Stadium is a must in New York, no?

The Yankee team is arguably the team with the most number of “mosts” in the United States: the richest, with the most number of fans, highest number of baseball stars, championship titles, and most well-knowns. They have won 40 American League Championships, 27 World Championships, 34 Hall of Fame members - all of these trump all other teams.
The Stadium cost USD 1.6 billion and is one of the most expensive stadiums in the entire world. Its extensive list of facilities on offer has completely surpassed the usual idea of a traditional stadium. It gives fans a chance to not only watch a game but to shop and dine as well. The New Yankees Stadium is home to 60 luxurious private rooms, a Martini bar, a Hard Rock Cafe, a steakhouse, a food court and more.
What best describes how New Yorkers feel about the Yankees is a game between politicians. Whenever someone runs in an election, they all declare how they’re die-hard fans of the Yankees. It’s a way for them to show how close they are to the people. When Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, ran against Hillary Clinton, wife of former American President Bill Clinton, for a seat at the New York State Senate, he canvassed all over town donning a Yankees’ baseball cap. Hillary on the other hand did the same. When she was traveling around in New York campaigning for votes, she likewise wore a Yankees’ baseball cap.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
New York,Recommendations
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
When it comes to cherry blossoms, most people think of Japan, but when the Japanese cherry blossom season is really too many tourists, here is a good place to recommend people with less scenery and no Japanese beauty in the cherry blossom season. This year's cherry blossom season can be considered to walk ~
The tides of the tidal lake in Washington (Fig. 123)
The origin of the tidal lake cherry blossoms dates back to 1912, when the mayor of Tokyo, Japan, presented 3,000 Yoshino Sakura to Washington. According to statistics, the number of cherry blossoms at the peak of Chaoshan Lake once exceeded Tokyo. From the plaza across the lake is the quiet and elegant Jefferson Memorial, the lake can also row, super comfortable!
Sakura Time: From early March to late April
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York (Fig. 4:56)
Brooklyn Botanical Garden, it is one of the biggest festivals in the annual cherry blossom season. A large row of cherry trees constitutes a few super romantic "Sakura Avenue", and it is like a cherry blossom rain on the cherry blossom avenue! ! You can have a picnic, chat, and a variety of beautiful photos under the cherry tree~
Sakura time: mid-late April
Roosevelt Island, New York (Figure 489)
Roosevelt Island is New York East A narrow long island on the river. The 800-meter-long "water shoreline" on the island is full of cherry trees, especially the cherry blossom varieties here are particularly large, very different from other cherry blossoms. The other side of the waterfront line full of cherry blossoms is the quiet East River and Manhattan skyscrapers. The two scenes really have a different flavor!
Sakura time: mid-late April
don't hesitate! Hurry and arrange this year's cherry blossom season trip~
New York,Recommendations
United States Military Academy West Point
The United States Military Academy, located on the elbow-shaped triangular rocky slopes of the Hudson River in the northern suburbs of New York, has an excellent military location. The place is called West Point by the locals, so it is customary to call it West Point Military Academy.
Boys seem to like this place especially. If you want to visit, you must report the group. There are two types depending on the time. You can check the time on the Internet first. After parking the car, you must first go to the visitor center to register and sign up for the delegation. There are restrictions on the time of the visit. When we finished the visit at four o'clock, we saw someone just arrived and ran for a while.
Take a big bus to visit the campus, and then check your passport and other documents. After the 9/11 visit, the West Point Military Academy was much stricter than before, and many areas were no longer accessible. The
Cadet Chapel has more than a hundred weddings a year, and of course it must be graduates. The tidying of the Bible and Hymns is a bit shocking.
Stained glass behind the altar is the first glass installed in the church when it was built in 1910. The theme is Genesis and West Point Spirit. They explain the West Point Schoolamental Duty (Responsibility) Honor with different stories in the Bible. Honor) and Country (country). The 192 stained-glasses in the church were all donated to the church by West Point graduates, starting with the graduating class in 1802, and the last one was donated by the 1976 graduating class. All of the stained glass was made by Willet Stained Glass. From 1910 to 1976, the price of each glass never changed, always three hundred dollars. There is a statue of Barton near the
West Point Military Academy Library. As a graduate of the West Point Military Academy, it took Barton five years to graduate from West Point, a year more than the same period. His reason is that "the school library was not found during the study." So in 1950, the West Point Military Academy stood opposite the school library with a statue of General Patton wearing a helmet, dressed in an armor and holding a telescope, so that he could "find the library."
Thayer Hall is the main venue for military teaching. It consists of four floors, of which only one is repaired on the ground and the other three are built in the mountains.
New York,Recommendations
Empire State Building
Board the famous movie and take a look at the top of the Empire State Building to see the beautiful skyline!
The film "Beijing meets Seattle", I think there should be many people who have seen this relatively hot mainland movie a few years ago. Just looking at the movie name, I don't think how to get to New York. Wen Jiajia, who plays Tang Wei in the movie, is also a scene in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle": the male and female lords finally met on the Empire State Building and made a positive result, a touching and happy love story. So it is necessary to go to the top floor of the Empire State Building to see it.
"Beijing meets Seattle" is also a romantic love that continues the "Sleepless Night in Seattle", and the final filming is placed in the Empire State Building.
Empire State Building, there will never be so rare tourists! The floor of the observation deck is all human. The time period I chose was in the evening, before sunset. Because I want to see the sunset from there and change from day to night, the time is quite long. Good luck, I didn't have a lot of people waiting in line that day, and I got the doorway in the normal queue. I used the ticket of [city pass] directly to queue up, and the team quickly arrived at the elevator. When there are many people, often when you want to move around, you will be blocked by people who come and go. Because the location on the balcony is full of people who are watching and waiting for them to read the space they want to occupy.
I am the one who wants to take up the space. But luck is really good, I think those tourists are also very heart-felt and will not deliberately occupy a position for a long time, so you can take pictures on the side for a while.
Joe Cai