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Joe Cai
Board the famous movie and take a look at the top of the Empire State Building to see the beautiful skyline!
The film "Beijing meets Seattle", I think there should be many people who have seen this relatively hot mainland movie a few years ago. Just looking at the movie name, I don't think how to get to New York. Wen Jiajia, who plays Tang Wei in the movie, is also a scene in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle": the male and female lords finally met on the Empire State Building and made a positive result, a touching and happy love story. So it is necessary to go to the top floor of the Empire State Building to see it.
"Beijing meets Seattle" is also a romantic love that continues the "Sleepless Night in Seattle", and the final filming is placed in the Empire State Building.
Empire State Building, there will never be so rare tourists! The floor of the observation deck is all human. The time period I chose was in the evening, before sunset. Because I want to see the sunset from there and change from day to night, the time is quite long. Good luck, I didn't have a lot of people waiting in line that day, and I got the doorway in the normal queue. I used the ticket of [city pass] directly to queue up, and the team quickly arrived at the elevator. When there are many people, often when you want to move around, you will be blocked by people who come and go. Because the location on the balcony is full of people who are watching and waiting for them to read the space they want to occupy.
I am the one who wants to take up the space. But luck is really good, I think those tourists are also very heart-felt and will not deliberately occupy a position for a long time, so you can take pictures on the side for a while.
Posted: Apr 3, 2019
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New York,Recommendations
Grand Central Terminal
New York Central Station, which was framing multiple movies.
I think that the endless flow of people at Central Station in New York is not just because he is an important transportation hub.
Because of the construction of the station itself, it is a typical Buddhism-style building. The group of imitation Greek statues at the top of the front reflects the art style of the French and New York Schools in the early 20th century. Enter the central hall, pick up a spacious space, arched dome, giving a visual impact. The interior marble decoration and the fine American sculpture are shocking. The tall arched glass windows are also covered with exquisite sculptures, and the dome is a beautiful picture.
The film "Madagascar", there is a zebra wanting to buy a train to Florida, very smoothly came to the Central Station, is watching the train information, but the last class is gone. Of course, by the way, taking a train from New York to Florida... Its really very, very far and it takes too long. Later, Zebra's friends all ran to bring him back, so a series of accidents occurred at the central station.
Although it is an animated cartoon, the scene layout using the central station is very realistic. The entire station hall, the information desk in the middle of the hall and the above clocks are all typical pictures. So I also took a few photos. The entire station is more than the passengers who actually take the train. Others, the Avengers, X-Men, etc. are all here.
Joe Cai