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Bushkill FallsNearby City

Bushkill Falls

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Open on Mon-Fri,9:00am-6:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Bushkill Falls, located in the Pocono Mountains, is the largest waterfall in Pennsylvania. The park’s feature is its canyon trail. Tickets can be purchased online in advance. There are 8 waterfalls in the park. There is a barbecue area and a small pond at the entrance of the park. Some people are fishing here. The ticket gate is a small specimen museum. The trail is divided into 4, and walk down about 2 and a half. hour. The autumn is beginning to show up, let’s climb and enjoy the autumn together. Bushkill Falls 138 Bushkill Falls Trail, Bushkill, PA 18324 From NYC, a two-hour drive. There will be no signal when the car reaches the entrance of the park. You can download the local park in advance. Offline map, large parking lot, free parking, no need to wait Tips can buy tickets on the spot, or you can book tickets online in advance, weekend tickets $17.5/person, weekday tickets $14.5/person, online ticket purchase is valid for one year, the park starts from April Open until the end of October. There is a small pond and barbecue area at the entrance of the park. You can bring some snacks and fruits for a picnic. There are also people who fish here. See the official website for fishing and entertainment. Fishing equipment and permit are provided. $20/person at the ticket gate. Take a route map, there are four trail routes, green, yellow, blue, and red. The blue is a wild climbing route, and the other three are paved with plank roads. People will come oncoming on the trails from time to time. It is recommended to take them for climbing. The green route of the mask goes straight to the main waterfall, which takes 15 minutes; the yellow route takes 45 minutes to walk through a plank road paved on the river to the top of the mountain. The scenery is nice; the blue route is a wild climbing route; the red route is the whole route, and you can watch along the route 8 waterfalls, the whole journey takes about 2 and a half hours"