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A delicious restaurant near Nha Trang Cathedral - Amber Vietnamese cuisine amber. Vietnamese cuisine, the sign outside the store is blue-green, the above is the Chinese name, and the restaurant is close The Nha Trang Cathedral is easy to find. We used to take a taxi and the driver said that I knew this store. I suggest that if you want to eat this store, you can arrange it with the itinerary of Nha Trang Cathedral. Amber is the most satisfying restaurant in this trip to Nha Trang. Regardless of the environment of the restaurant, the value and taste of the dishes, we can meet the delicious standards of our senior foodies from the gourmet capital of Guangzhou. The interior decoration of the restaurant is relatively simple and bright, the wooden table and chair with the rattan lampshade gives a comfortable feeling, and we go to the noon on Monday, one floor, we have a table, the rhythm of free admission, haha! Recommended, you can buy two or three sets of 389 yuan on-site. The dishes include signature ginger-fried lobster, Vietnamese snack platter, Nha Trang fried rice, amber chili crab, Malay sauce fried dragon bean, soup, fruit plate, and asked. The clerk said that this package is small. Four to six people package 680 yuan, fish sauce fried chicken wings, amber pepper crab with fried taro, Nha Trang lotus salad, steamed grouper, garlic fan steamed lobster, Vietnamese spring rolls platter, pineapple fried rice, garlic stir fry The spinach and the soup are all praised by the four of us. Before we served, we also sent us a bowl of sweet lotus seeds and red dates. The clerk can speak Chinese, and there is also a Chinese menu. The boss is Chinese, so there is no need to worry about language barriers. Payment: It is very convenient to pay VND, WeChat or Alipay. Address: 46 L T Trng Nha Trang (showing this address in the past, actually located near Nha Trang Cathedral)
Posted: May 23, 2019
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Nha Trang Four Island Tour
Nha Trang is really a lot of fun projects. When we go in winter, the temperature there is just right. The four island tour is also a project I highly recommend. It takes a day to visit the four islands, usually a group of travel agencies to report a day trip. group fee: 55 yuan rmb, there are two islands on the island that are charged. Usually you will stay in time, or you can choose not to go to the island. Stayed on the first island. When I looked outside and found that there was nothing to play with, I didnt buy a ticket. It was also very good to sit on the boat and blow the sea breeze. The second island is usually a play project. Tips: For those who want to play with water, it is recommended to wear a swimsuit inside. The marine parachute recommends an entertainment program at the first stop, generally a second island, to play, and the time will be longer. The last stop point I took a look at, the time to play the parachute on the sea is probably more than a minute, and the price is more expensive than before. The third island is actually not on the island, the two boats are close together, then the two sides start to sing. I found the most attractive of the four islands all day long. It was the happy hour of this third island. Every year, every country goes to sing the songs of their own country. The captain takes the lead in singing the British hey jude, the South Korean Jiangnan style, the Chinese moon represents my heart and so on. The last island has too many cruise ships, so visitors will drive to a long distance and stop. Basically, the tourists on this island come to play entertainment projects, and the scenery is similar to the previous ones.
Nha Trang,Recommendations
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Nha Trang,Recommendations