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Trip Moments

Edo Wonderland
Coco Wang
The two sacred mountain shrines have a high status in Japan. They were built in 767 AD. The main worship of the gods is the three mountain gods of Nikko: Dajigui, Tianxinji, and Miso Gaoyan, because they became in the Kamakura era. The patron saint of the Kanto region was thrived by the devout faith of the shogunate and the tyrannical.
There is the first bird house in Japan, which is good for the shrine gate. This is the oldest style "right to make".
Speaking of the origin of the torii, there is another legend in Shinto. Because of the tempering with the brothers, the Azure God found a cave to hide and use the stone to block the hole. Therefore, there is no sun in the world.
Everyone thought of a way to build a high bracket, put all the cocks on it, let all the cocks scream together, the god of the sky is strange, push the stone to see, those who are hiding The sumo wrestlers immediately seized the opportunity to push the stone away and the world was re-launched. The bracket that placed the cock became the first torii.
After the Tori, it is the shrine's main hall, which is dedicated to the three mountain gods. Here, you can't see the scenes of the Buddhist temple's incense and smog; here, you can't hear the Christian church soothing. The soothing sound of the soul, the communication with the gods, everything is carried out in a soft whisper.
If you also have a heartfelt visit, you can go up and squat twice, clap twice, and squat again and pray for a few seconds. After the prayer, you can gently ring the gongs on the side. Shinto believes that You can get the attention of God.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
The scenic spots in the typhoon days made me accidentally go to the map home page
It was too long in Tokyo time, I decided to come to the Nikko area to play, the horrible typhoon broke the beautiful journey, but I can't easily admit defeat. Even if the sun was peeled off the previous day, today's cold down jacket should insist on going to Nikko City! Take the Shinkansen and come to Europe? ? ? How is the foreigner full of cars, what is this famous attraction? An Asian can't see it, with a belly confused and got out of the car, the retro mountain station and the amazing heavy rain, have to retreat? Quickly reschedule and take two essences.
At this moment, the Zhongchansi Lake is white and can only see things within ten meters. What to do, get off the bus, and still have an hour to save the children! Fortunately, I was not the first rainstorm to take pictures, I took an umbrella with the camera and started to take a tripod. Since everything can't be seen, I can't get the trestle as planned. I can only step down, step on the lake, and borrow the big stone nearest to me. After half an hour of running-in, the picture of the blood and tears on the top of the map is coming out.
Then it's a waterfall, comforting yourself: it's raining, the water is big. As a result, the three major waterfalls in Japan have three-story observation decks, and the best place to write is that you should not take a tripod here. We are also very bitter, physical strength, perseverance and force majeure! ! ! What's fun is that there is a 100-meter vertical elevator on the top floor of this waterfall. You can sit in the middle of the waterfall, and then go out to the observation deck, which is also a special feature.
LiAn Zhang