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Trip Moments

Ningbo | Open fishing season must eat Ninghai restaurant

banned fishing period, seafood seafood have opened gourmet radar, Ningbo because of the adjoining East China Sea, seafood has always been a local restaurant at the end of the delicious.

If it is the first time to come to Ningbo to play, then you must recommend this "Ninghai Restaurant", the business of 365 days a year should be described as hot, the meal is full of people, the National Day holiday I 5 The point is up, waiting for an hour, finally eating this meal.

Cold food area, hot food area, seafood area, the selling of the dishes are very special, it is easy to see the eye, after you want to eat something, you must grab the order of the waiter, the eye will quickly give you an order Popular dishes are sold out in minutes.

Cold dishes recommended fried crispy grilled seed fish, the bones are not spit, the hot dishes are not yet on, I will return the empty plate to the waiter. In addition, because of the good taste of the chicken feet, Thai hot and sour taste, intimate bones, soft taste, not let me down, can join the must-eat series.

Sauce blue crab is a local speciality, raw pickling practice, look at this orange-red crab cream, too tempting ~ people can be small, a lot of people are definitely not enough to eat!

The donkey has to eat a plate every time. Now Shanghai is not sold. In Ningbo, a bottle of beer is poured into a small bowl. The donkey is washed with beer, and it is seasoned. brittle! soft! fresh!

Purple shrimp sea melon seeds are naturally indispensable, although it is very troublesome to eat, but people who love seafood, do not feel tired at all, recommend salt and pepper and scallions.

If it is a gathering of people, you can also order some hardcore seafood: squid and yellow croaker are very fresh, whether it is steamed with venetian bag or soup with pickles, it is very eyebrows~

lard dregs, it is very good here, and it is fragrant and slippery~ The weight under the lard is heavy enough, and the quality of the cockroach is also very good. It should be dug with a spoon to eat.

Finally, we recommend two kinds of snacks, one is green, the Ningbo is paralyzed, and the raw material is wormwood (the one that makes the youth group). You can sell them one by one, licking brown sugar and eating it hot. There is also a free free dumpling that will be delivered every table, only to sell! You will be amazed by the dumplings after the deep-fried dumplings, crispy and crispy, and the inside is a black meringue, which is perfect for dessert!

:Ninghai Restaurant
Address: 77 Xiaowen Street
Dabu Park (East Gate)
Ningbo Jiaoqu Yaohang Street Catholic Church
Yuehu Park
Yuehu Park is located in the center of Ningbo, Tianyi Pavilion in the north and Ningbo Station in the south. This is a free and open city park surrounded by green trees and antique. It is the green lung of the city.
began to excavate in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, the Yuehu Lake was built, planting flowers and plants, building pavilions, and forming an eastern style garden. Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, this place is where literati and literati gather.
He Zhizhang, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, Wang Anshi, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, Shi Hao, the prime minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, and Wan Sitong, a great historian of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. These romantic figures, or seclusion, or lectures, or officials, or books, are in the month. The lake left an indelible mark.
This park is full of ancient monuments. It has witnessed the ruins of the Korean embassy of China and Goryeo friendship. There are spectacular Buddhist stalins, commemorating the secrets of He Zhizhang, and there are also special museums.
The southern end of the park is located on Songdo Island, a school called Ningbo Second Middle School. It is surrounded by lakes, surrounded by lakes, ancient and ancient, with ginkgo, quiet environment and beautiful scenery.
Yuehu Lake covers an area of about 1,160 meters in the north and south, about 130 meters from east to west. The width is like a full moon, and the narrow part is like the eyebrow, so it is called Yuehu.
Yuehu Park North to the Drum Tower. Ningbo Drum Tower was built in the first year of Tang Changqing (821). It is the symbol of officially setting up the state and establishing the city in the history of Ningbo.