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Popular Attractions in Ninger

23 Reviews
Rural Area
Nakelicun, Ning'er, Pu'er, Yunnan, China
Ancient Tea-Horse Road
195 Reviews
Ancient Trail
The Ancient Tea Horse Road was an important trade route in ancient China. Located in Pu'er City's Ninglang County, it has profound historical and cultural heritage. Visitors can take the opportunity to go horseback riding to experience the way in which ancient people traveled, as well as other ancient customs of the Road and of Pu'er. The Ancient Tea-Horse Road had its origins from the tea-and-horse trade which took place between the ancient southwestern and northwestern frontiers. It flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties and was particularly prosperous immediately after World War II. The Road was divided into two trails: Sichuan-Tibet and Jinghong-Tibet.
Meizi Lake Park
98 Reviews
City Park
Meizi Lake Park is located in the Simao District of Pu'er City, on Meizi Lake. This artificial lake, formed by the river dam, was formerly known as Hongqi Reservoir. Its primary uses are drinking water and farmland irrigation. After years of planning, it was opened up as Meizi Lake Park and has become a scenic spot in Pu'er. Meizi Lake Park offers quiet and beautiful surroundings. Facilities include the Yingbin building and Wangcheng Pavilion. Ascend the pavilion and look out on the undulating blue-green waves of Meizi Lake. Egrets and wild ducks often inhabit the lake, lending elegance to Meizi Lake Park.
Pu'er National Park, Xiniu (Rhino) Plains Scenic Area
323 Reviews
National Park
The Xiniu Plains Scenic Area of Pu'er National Park is located in the north-central part of Pu'er National Park. Located in the transition zone between tropical and subtropical regions, the climate is controlled by Indian Ocean monsoons. The southern subtropical climate has clear characteristics of dry and wet seasons distinct throughout the year and lead to a pleasant climate. The Xiniu Plains Scenic Area in Pu'er National Park focuses on Yunnan's rich animal resources. Visitors can come into close contact with a variety of wild animals and plants in a way that fully immerses modern people into nature, satisfying any desire to commune with it.

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Trip Moments

"Dali is good in March, and the butterfly spring is well groomed" - a little older person should be familiar with this "Butterfly Springside", which is the famous movie "Five Golden Flowers" of the last century. The theme song, this film and this song have influenced a generation, and the heroine of the film is also the star of another masterpiece, Ashima, known as the film. Yang Likun, the first beauty, was born in the famous town of Mohe, the famous town of Pu'er in Yunnan.

Its really famous to talk about this ancient town. Its a long time ago, its the important town on the ancient tea-horse road. Its also the famous salt capital in southern Anhui. It has always been very prosperous. There is also a salt factory in the town.

September's sunny day, the temperature is right, strolling in the ancient town of the black, the life is leisurely and comfortable, the pace is slow, the locals enthusiastically invite us to taste the beef dry bar they are making, and bend in those songs In the lane, you can also find the stone road of the ancient tea-horse road where the caravans passed, and the Zhumen Mansion, which used to be a toast and a big family. After the vicissitudes of life, today is such a bleak and peaceful appearance, although there is no special surprise, but the plain, but it is the warmth and fireworks that people want to live here.

The memorial hall of the former residence of Yang Likun, a beautiful woman, is located in the vicinity of the town center square. The couplets of "The Shadow Studio is always in Ashima, and the world is always Yang Likun" are engraved on the sides of the statue of Yang Likun. I want to come here is also the land of this outstanding person, in order to breed such a beauty!
Posted: Dec 20, 2018