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Things To Do in Ningguo

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脉脉清雨Maybe because there is not much rain in early May, the waterfall is not strong, and you can't play rafting. It's a little regrettable. But walking the path, there is something else interesting. Overall, the price is not high, it is estimated that I will not go again next time.
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Geological Sites
一雨一彩虹East China Rift Valley Scenic Area-Thrilling and exciting East China Rift Valley Scenic Area is located at the northern foot of Tianmu Mountain. It belongs to the geological structure of the Great Rift Valley, which eventually caused the dome shaft to rupture and sink to form a rift. The scenic area has a circular structure, and the whole body is closed. Going up is very thrilling. On both sides of the valley, there are cliffs and cliffs everywhere, and huge waterfalls pouring from above, it is very spectacular and beautiful.
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一雨一彩虹The World Wooden House Village is not an ordinary village, but an eco-tourism resort integrating sightseeing, leisure and business talks. There are main attractions and tourist hotels in the resort area, such as gate landscape, thousand acres of ginkgo garden, characteristic forest orchard, water park, wooden house villa group, Enlong Folk Custom Garden. The scenic spots here are distinctive, surrounded by mountains and rivers, quiet and quiet. It is popular with everyone for its beautiful garden scenery, distinctive folk customs, and fresh green ecology.
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Bee_keeperThe scenic spot is more original, natural landscape, the scenery is very good, there is no business atmosphere, the original scenery is better preserved. [Scenic] You can take a boat trip to the lake, walk between the mountains and waters, there are many undeveloped small islands and peninsulas, compare the original ecology [price-for-performance] valued for the ticket price, it is a bit monotonous.
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M27***22There are fewer people going today, I don't know if it is the reason for weekday. After a while, the tour guide will take us in, and the tour guide is free. There was a long karst tunnel before, just when I thought I was going to go down and suddenly saw the stairs, and going up was the place where the light show started. It is necessary to combine the hints of the tour guide to see that the light show actually has a story. It seems that the origin of life development or something, the beginning is said to be the origin, so it is a starry sky and sea show. In addition to the light show, there are other places are introduced to the karst cave, not bad. From the hole is a swing, time not early I did not play, and then the outside place is not really big, but the project is very compact, can see that the whole is OK.
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jannet520When we went to play with our brothers and sisters during the summer vacation, everyone was very happy. Because we were in the water, we did not take pictures. The staff on the shore had photos that they could buy, whether they wanted to buy or not. It is not convenient to change clothes after we landed. It needs to be improved.

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Qinglongchi DriftingXuancheng,China

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Ningguoxianyun VillaXuancheng,China

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Martyrs' CemeteryXuancheng,China

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Enlong MuwucunXuancheng,China

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Kaixinduorou Botanical GardenXuancheng,China

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Julanggu Water Amusement ParkXuancheng,China

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About Ningguo

Ningguo is situated in the southeast of Anhui province, on the northeast side of southern Anhui mountains. The source of the Shuiyang, Qingyi and Fuchuan rivers is located here. The Xijin, Dongjin and Zhongjin rivers run through the city, and popular attractions include Shanmen, Qianqiu Pass, Qinglong Bay, the forest and nature reserve of Banqiao, and forests of Chinese yew trees. Local produce includes walnuts, bamboo, plums and ginkgo noodles.

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Here are the best places to visit in Ningguo, including: Xialin Jiutian Silver Waterfall Scenic Area,Enlong World Wooden Lodge Village,East Rift Valley
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