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Helan Mountain Scenic Area
The Helan Mountains are an isolated desert mountain range forming the border of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. They are about 200 kilometers from north to south, form 15 to 50 kilometers wide and about 2,000 meters in altitude. Their highest peak is 3,556 meters. In Western Xia Empire, Helan Mountains are regarded as the summer resort for the royal families where a great number of temporary imperial head-quarters were built. Gunzhong Pass is the most renowned summer resort of the Helan Mountains, which is a perfect spot for hiking and admiring the scenery of Yinchuan. Helan Mountain Scenic Area boasts towering mountains, dense forests, beautiful natural scenery and unique landscape. You can find Chinese red pines, temple junipers and dragon spruces, rare shrubs and Mongolian almond everywhere in the forests and valleys. Old trees standing between cliffs, snow remaining on the mountain tops and vast areas of pines and misty clouds in a peaceful atmosphere, makes it one of the most memorable sights in Yinchuan. Helan Mountain Scenic Area comprises several historical interest sites including Twin Pagodas at Baisikou and Rock Paintings. The ancient people carved their lives and legends on the rocks. The rock paintings in Helan Mountain were done by various nationalities in northern China, approximately between 3,000 and 10,000 years ago. Helen Mountain Scenic Area is also home to the Suyukou National Forest Park. Helan Mountains are considered an area suitable for wine production. The famous brand Helanshan as well as a few large Chinese wine companies have begun development here. Together they now own 20,000 acres of land for wine plantations.#mountains #wintergetaway
Changyu Moser XV Winery
You can pretend to be in Byzantine Castle in Ningxia! Ningxia's most worthwhile winery list is definitely the Changyu Mosel XV winery. 2018 China Northwest Tourism Marketing Conference issued a heavyweight: "Magic Northwest 100 Scenes" list, 17 scenic spots in Ningxia, one of them is Zhang Yuning Xia Mosel 15th Winery. () Featured recommendation: () Ningxia Changyu Moss 15th Winery, designed by Lanyu Culture. The entire winery has invested nearly 790 million yuan. In the end, it was built with magnificent momentum, like the medieval Byzantine castle. (sweet) can be pretending to be abroad here, no wonder it has become the most popular tourist destination in all Ningxia wineries. I met the newcomer who took a wedding dress here, and I feel that it has become a wedding photo carding spot for Ningxia people. (Cool) There is also a wine museum; the entertaining wine museum uses interactive games such as cutting-edge technology augmented reality to unveil the mysterious veil of wine in the play. (Love) The constant temperature and humidity underground cellar is the palace of sleeping wine, the winding labyrinth, let you get close to the wine beauty. It is said that the wine produced here is only exported abroad. (Kiss) Not only is the castle popular among tourists, but the winery has always been striving for excellence in the winemaking process. The excellent quality of the wine not only impresses every wine lover, but also attracts the attention of the world's tourists.
Liupanshan National Forest Park
There is a place at the southernmost tip of Ningxia. It is mild and humid all year round, rich in water resources, dense in forests and grasses, and has a forest coverage rate of more than 80%. It is called a green island on the Loess Plateau. There are mountains and waters here. However, it is like Jiangnan. This is the Liupanshan Forest Park in Guyuan, Ningxia. Liupanshan National Forest Park is located in the south of Ningxia. The annual average temperature is only 5.8 °C. Therefore, there has always been a saying that spring is coming to autumn without summer, and it has become the average relative humidity of 60-70% of the summer paradise for many people. It is an important water conservation forest base in the northwest. Xiaonanchuan is the main scenic spot in Liupanshan Forest Park. Because Sichuan is also known as the river, it is also known as Xiaonan River. It is a pure natural landscape composed of a 3km long canyon. It is the ten most beautiful canyon in China. one. The first time I enter Xiaonanchuan, I strongly recommend that you choose to go down the waterway to enjoy the hydrophilic journey. The beauty of the day is beautiful. The day I came to Xiaonanchuan is sunny, and the sun shines into the valley to form the wonderful Dingdal. Light (cum Jesus light), the warm sun shines through the leaves, and looking up is beautiful. Xiaonanchuan's negative oxygen ion content has reached 40,000 cubic meters. It is called Tianyang Oxygen Bar. If you are here for the first time, you only need to breathe in a big mouth. Along the way, there are sounds of flowing water everywhere. When the water is clear, there are countless pebbles in the river. The road is full of dead branches and leaves. When there are not many tourists, you can enjoy the beauty of the road. Xiaonanchuan has a comfortable temperature, is a natural summer resort, and there are clusters of green trees on both sides of the canyon. It is also a great place to take pictures. There are so many small waterfalls along the way, just a big shot. Walking on the leaves falling in the wind, listening to the sound of flowing water, a glimpse of the relaxed and elegant appearance of Xiao Nanchuan. Along the way, you can see a lot of plants on the road. The good ecological environment, the rich flora and fauna and insect resources and the profound historical and cultural heritage make it known as the green pearl on the Loess Plateau and the cool and win-win environment. The canyon is not long and will soon be able to reach the end. At the end of the Xiaonanchuan Gorge is the natural waterfall of Xiaonanchuan, which is known as the Dragon Girl Bathing. The waterfall of the natural water flow is rushing down, and the spray beads are splashed with jade, and the water splashes, which is very spectacular. After finishing the Xiaonanchuan Gorge, you will embark on the road of returning. If you are not in a hurry, it is recommended not to take a ferry. You can follow the road to the towering larch, all the way is flat and very good. The sky is high and the air is fresh. It is far away from the reinforced concrete land of the city. One person is immersed in the wilderness of the virgin forest. The sun shines through the treetops. It is very artistic, like Alice in Wonderland, water has water. The tenderness of the mountain, the mountain has the rigidity of the mountain, and the combination of mountains and rivers complements each other in Xiaonanchuan. Since the reconstruction of Jiuzhaigou disaster, people have lost a place of water. If you like this landscape, this autumn, it is a good choice to visit Liupanshan Forest Park.
Travel master cao
Speaking of China's first desert train, you might think of the train in the Tengger Desert. It is the world's first generation of trains. It was also used in 1958 when China's first desert railway, the Baolan Railway, was opened to traffic. The steam locomotive is a special memory of the fiery travel, and it is a shock to open a new era in human history. Zhongwei Tenggerli Jinshahai Desert Theme Train Hotel is located at the intersection of Yingyan Road and Xiaohu Road in Zhongpota Shapotou District. It is a special hotel with the theme of steam train. The train is like a dragon lying in the desert of the Golden Sands, welcoming the guests with loud whistle and burning passion. God's perspective overlooks the Tengger Desert. The train straddles the desert and is particularly special. The Tengger Desert is the fourth largest desert in China. It is located in the southwestern part of Alashan Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the central border of Gansu Province. It is the Great Wall in South Vietnam, east to Helan Mountain, and west to Yabulai Mountain. You think that desert travel is a long day of sand, then you are wrong, riding a camel, beach bike, surf car, compared to the people of Shapotou, it can be used here. There is also the only desert-themed desert star tent hotel in China. The experience is very good. You can also watch the stars. It is definitely a good place to watch the stars. The train theme hotel has a total of 17 compartments and a chic 17-seat compartment. In addition to the bed, it also features a functional area such as train bars and restaurants. Indoor air conditioning, separate toilet, 24-hour hot water, wireless internet and more. The best room type in the train theme hotel, the size is small, the total is 36 square meters, with independent sofa TV, and electric toilet. The layout is warm and pleasant, the service is warm and thoughtful, the quality is noble, and the environment is green. Whether it is family, friends gathering or newlywed honeymoon, it is a natural place to return to self. If you are worth more than 1,000 nights, would you come to experience it? tips: The Jinshahai Desert Theme Train Hotel is located in the Tengger Desert, about 20 kilometers away from Zhongwei Airport. It can be reached by taxi and can be reached in about 40 minutes. Address: Zhongwei Shapotou District Yingyan Road and Xiaohu Road Interchange, near Yan Road.
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