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About Ningxiang

Ningxiang is located in the northeastern part of Hunan Province. It is west of the ancient city of Changsha, east of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, north of Shaoshan, hometown to several celebrities, and south of the vast 400-kilometer Dongting Lake. Ningxiang is a place where many talented people came from. The traditional culture here has a long history. More than 1,000 bronzes have been unearthed here. This stunned people both in China and overseas, and led to Ningxiang being praised as the "Southern Chinese Cultural Center for Bronze" by archaeologists around the world.

Popular Attractions in Ningxiang

Tanhe  Ancient City
2,994 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Songcheng Carbon River Ancient City derives its name from the nearby Carbon River and is located in Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is an early Zhou Dynasty cultural theme park. Because the Zhou Dynasty was the source of the Chinese civilization creating brilliant and splendid cultural wonders in its heyday, Ningxiang has earned the title of “Hometown of Southern China’s Bronze Ware”.
Charcoal Eternal Love Performance
281 Reviews
The large-scale song and dance "Charcoal Eternal Love" is based on the splendid history and culture of the Western Zhou Dynasty. In this story, it completely reproduces the love and hatred of 3,000 years ago. The performance uses advanced sound, light, electricity and other scientific means and stage machinery, high-tech stage machinery, actors to interpret, advanced sound, light, electricity and other scientific means to make a panoramic drama in the three-dimensional space of land, water and air.
Huitang Huatiancheng Hotspring Holiday Hotel
325 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
Huitang Huatiancheng Hotspring Holiday Hotel of Shitang Hot Spring is the same as the Yangbajing in Tibet and the Beitou Hot Spring in Taiwan. It is a rare natural resource in China. There are several holes in the gray soup spring pool. The spring water is bubbling at four o'clock, and the water drops are in a string. The crystal is white and jade, with a slight sulphur smell. Therefore, the name of "Tangquan Boiling Jade" is one of the ten scenic spots in Ningxiang. The pond near the hot springs is warm in winter and spring. The fish and ducks are tender, the meat is tender, the bones are crisp, the marrow is many, and the taste is beautiful. The world is called "soup fish" and "soup duck". It is a tribute for the Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can try it.
Zilongwan Hotspring International Hotel
397 Reviews
Hot Spring
Zilongwan Hotspring International Hotel stands before Dongpu Mountain and faces Zilong Lake. It features gorgeous scenery and fresh air, perfect for a soak in the springs. The hot springs area includes a hot springs forest surfing pool, hot springs waterfall, fire and ice springs, pulse massage springs, fish therapy pools, hot spring water sports, hot spring yoga, and more. Entertainment options include KTV, chess, cards and table tennis, all alongside magnificent scenery.

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Trip Moments

However, all ancient millennium temples have a long history of humanity, and Changsha Ningxiang Temple is no exception. Miyin Temple is located at the foothills of Lushan Mountain in Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Province, under the Lulu Peak. It is the origin of the Yangzong, one of the five major Buddhist monasteries in China. Zen has the saying of "one flower and five leaves", and Yangzong is the head of the five leaves. There are many stone pillars standing outside the gate of the Temple of Miyin. The top of the stone pillar is the three-faced Guanyin in the standing hand and the Guanyin statue in the middle. Guanyin Da Shi is kind and eye-catching and has insight into the world. The facade of the yellow temple is full of Buddha
Posted: Dec 17, 2018
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
The ancient love is known as a must-see performance for a lifetime. No matter whether you first heard it or not, the performance of "The Charcoal Eternal Love" will definitely make you feel moved to the inside of the cow. It is the legend of the "four sheep Fangzun" The story is the main line, divided into "Carbon River Love", "", "The Battle of Makino" and so on. It combines the charm of Ningxiang and reproduces a love and hate that has passed through three thousand years. In a short 60-minute performance, every minute is wonderful, I can't let my eyes blink, take me through time and space in minutes, feel the fascinating charcoal love of 3,000 years ago, feel Ningxiang The spirit and flesh, blood and tears, love and affection of this ancient city.
Posted: Jan 8, 2019
There are different snakes in Ningxiang. Many people come here to eat snakes. Take the mother to finish the Zilongwan Hot Springs to the best farmhouse restaurant near the mouth to eat snakes. The snake here is a snake, and it is eaten now. First, take a stun snake and then cut the snake head and burn the snake to peel the snake skin... This is still the first time I watched the whole cooking experience. [Not simple] The taste is a bit heavy~~ Wait until the hot and spicy snake meat on the table, eat it, completely forget the picture just now in addition to the snake other earth dishes taste is also very good, the price is very honest, the boss is particularly simple, service attitude is super good. My home-made wild vegetables, cold dishes, black bean juice, and mint tea are served on the table for free... See my mother like mint tea, and go to the yard to pick up a lot and let us bring it back to haha.
Posted: Jul 9, 2019