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National Park
室戸岬Nearby City


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"National Park"
"Geological Sites"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The beautiful place of the sea sunrise Murodo City Murodo in the non-typhoon season, to the seaside play is the first choice. Almost all of the domestic seaside has played, just have a holiday, it is better to come to Japan. At the suggestion of friends, choose the landscape of the many Murodo City Murodo. Play feeling the homestay, put your luggage, can't wait to go to the observation deck, look at the past, the scenery is very pleasant, the boat home tired feeling has been dissipated. A tidy, comfortable resting station next door, sits out in the distance, and sees the striking white cottage lighthouse standing in the blue sky. It has been shining on the sea for more than 100 years since its establishment, guiding the ships in the direction of progress. The lighthouse symbolizes the Murodo, which is only open three times a year. Later, we went to the Aquarium in Yu Da, watched a dolphin show, and even had a close contact with the dolphins. Then we found the statue of the Master of the Young Master of the Shaofa, where the legendary master of the Confucianism is known. The time for the tour passed quickly, and we hurriedly found local food to fill our stomachs. We met to see the sunrise at sea the next day. Thinking that the sun jumped out of the sky, it was really beautiful! Now look out the photo, across the screen feel it beautiful! After watching the sunrise, we strolled on the rocky trail while watching the strange rocks. Subtropical plants are everywhere, and Murodo is also famous for Murodo Anan Coast National Park. This tour, not to find food, only to find beautiful scenery, harvested. Tips 1. Transportation: Recommended Transportation Bus (views are available along the way). 2. Free admission 3. Opening time: all day"