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TeshimaNearby City


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Open on Mon, Thu-Sun,10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"If it weren't for the Setouchi Art Festival, I might not have come to this small island in my life. This place is called Teshima, which we call "Toshima". Let us forget the time and walk unscrupulously. In the Teshima Art Museum, which is lined with blue sky and white clouds and tree-lined on the other, savor the changes of nature. If you are not allowed to take pictures, it may be that people who have never been here have more imagination. According to the cafe built by the museum, half are used for the display and sale of souvenirs, and half are cafes. There are a lot of people and a little noisy. Why don't you take a cup of coffee and move out to enjoy the sunshine. On the most beautiful downhill road near Teshima Art Museum, facing the sea, the sea and the sky are the same color. If there is a bicycle at this moment, rush down and become an anime heroine. The Heart Sound Museum, built by the sea, collects heartbeats from all over the world in this romantic cabin. Put on the headphones and listen carefully. You can also record your heartbeat and record it to your favorite person. On the deserted beach, eagles hit the sky and crows wandered. Various novel art installations are scattered all over the island. The oranges on the side of the road are left unattended, and they choose by themselves. Everything is so purposeless. Toshima, this small island with less than a thousand people, has first-class natural scenery and you are reluctant to leave."