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About Ordos

Erdos is located in the southwestern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Mongolian word "Erdos" means "many palaces." Erdos has a long history and diverse cultures. Visiting the desert scenery, feeling the coolness of Lake Engebei, and then riding a camel to explore the Mongolian folk customs, all combine to create a very special and memorable experience. Erdos also hosts the Yellow River Canyon, where visitors can admire the cliffs and attractions on both banks. There are also historical sites such as the Tomb of Genghis Khan, Site of the "Hetao People" and the Twelve Connected Cities.

Popular Attractions in Ordos

Whistling Dune Bay (Xiangshawan)
1,301 Reviews
Whistling Dune Bay is located in the eastern corner of the Kubuqi Desert. On the lee side of the slope of this expansive desert, it appears to have the form of a crescent moon. When the weather is cool and clear and the sand is dry, visitors can hear a humming sound like that from a drum or bugle emanating from the sand as they slide down it from the peak of the dunes. The sound is louder when multiple guests slide down together, with the whole dune becoming like a giant echo wall. Whistling Dune Bay gets its name from this effect. Exploring the sea of sand by camel is an entirely different sort of experience. There is no feeling like the amazing sensation of riding the “ship of the desert” as it traverses the sands beneath the bright blue sky and white clouds.
Ordos Grasslands Tourist Area
411 Reviews
Ordos Grassland Tourist Area is southwest of Xini Town in Hangjinqi, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. It is a large grassland leisure holiday destination in central and western Inner Mongolia. It has grasslands, deserts and thousands of lakes. There are six distinct areas, including the Folk Culture Experience Area and Ecological Sightseeing Area. The core area is a group of yurts consisting of a Mongolian golden tent and a variety of other yurts. You can experience horseback riding, archery, Mongolian songs, Ordos weddings, authentic grassland food, and the original, simple folk customs deep in the grasslands.
Kangbashen Tourist Area
237 Reviews
City Park
Kangbashen Tourist Area is known for its rapid rise from the wilderness to become a modern city. "Kangbashen" means an "excellent teacher" in Mongolian. It is a national 4A-level urban tourist scenic spot that has been successfully created by the city as the main body. Surprisingly, it has a relaxing beach like the seaside and a fountain located in Wulan Mulun Square. There is also a musical fountain show every night, and tourists can enjoy the show from the grandstand opposite the fountain.
Qixing Lake Desert Ecological Park
231 Reviews
Qixing Lake Desert Ecological Park is situated in the hinterland of the Kubuqi Desert in Hanggin Banner, Erdos City. It is a clear water field in the vast desert. The seven lakes line up like the Triones, and this is why the lake is called Qixing lake (seven-star lake). There are a variety of birds inhabiting the lake, including thousands of larus relictuses, a kind of bird protected at the first-class national level. The natural landscapes such as the sand sea, sand hills and lakes are preserved here, and visitors can enjoy the comfort of nature here. Whether it is climbing the sand hill to enjoy the lake view, or watching the sunset in the desert by the lake, you will enjoy the scene that is not seen in the city.

Ordos Weather

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Trip Moments

Alex Bao   
If you look at the Internet, the meaning of the word "Ordos" in Mongolian is mostly interpreted as "a place with many palaces", but there is no period in history where there are really many palaces. After deep communication with the locals, I found that the more reliable explanation may be the southern grassland. Erdos is located at the southern end of the desert, and its Mongolian pronunciation is similar to that of Ordosuo. - Perhaps this is the true origin of the word Erdos.
Kambash New District
Kambash New District is a high-tech development zone located more than 30 kilometers southwest of Ordos, about half an hour drive from the airport. When you enter Kangbash, you will find that everything here is exceptionally advanced every building is as grand as the Great Hall of the People. The
Ordos Museum
Museum is divided into several different exhibition halls, of which Halls 2, 3 and 5 are recommended for viewing. Hall 2 is the Ordos Paleontology Exhibition, Hall 3 is the Ordos Mongolian History and Culture Exhibition, and Hall 5 is the farming, nomadic, collision, and blending Erdostong history exhibition.
Geerle Ama
This is the most distinctive Inner Mongolia restaurant. It is all in a variety of interior styles. Even the waiters are all Mongolians.
Ulan Mulun Lake Musical Fountain
Kambash's Ulan Mulun Lake Musical Fountain is the world's largest musical fountain and the tallest fountain that can be sprayed to 209 meters.
Genghis Khan Mausoleum
Genghis Khan Mausoleum, the locals are called Chengling, the original Genghis Khan's crown, and the Dahlite has been guarding. The
equestrian show
equestrian show takes place at Nadam Square, southeast of the Genghis Khan Mausoleum. The Mongols are really a legendary horseback nation. This wonderful equestrian performance is really thrilling, and it is a sweat for them. The venue of the
marriage show
wedding show was performed in the big yurt of the Brakhot Hotel near Nadam Square. The Ordos wedding is very unique and the program can last for a few days.
Posted: Jun 12, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Whistling Dune Bay (Xiangshawan), Ordos Grasslands Tourist Area, Qixing Lake Desert Ecological Park, Kubuqi Desert, Subohan Grasslands.
Here are the best places to visit in Ordos, including: Water World of Gathering Paradise, Ordos Wildlife Park, Kubuqi Desert, Subohan Grasslands, Genghis Khan Mausoleum Scenic Spot.
Xiangshawan Kubuqi Desert Kangbashi District Genghis Khan Mausoleum is a relatively large attraction