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Popular Attractions in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan
13,394 Reviews
Parent-child tour
Theme Park
Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka and is the world's third Universal Studios theme park after Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida. Visitors can go on exciting rides, watch performances and shows, and new attraction launches each year, attracting a large number of visitors.
3,551 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Shinsaibashi is a well-known commercial shopping district in Osaka. It is centered on Shinsaibashi Commercial Street. It has a variety of boutiques, specialty stores, and department stores, as well as a variety of shops where you can buy Japanese groceries. Of course, you can also shop big brands. It is a must-visit shopping paradise. You can also find food from all over the world as well as local speciality such as Okonomiyaki, fried skewers, takoyaki, and ramen.
Osaka Castle
2,097 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Located in the center of Osaka, Osaka Castle is a major landmark of Osaka. It is also listed as one of the three famous castles in Japan's history together with Nagoya Castle and Kumamoto Castle. The Osaka Castle is divided into inner, middle, and outer castles (i.e., Honmaru, Ninomaru, Sannomaru). The magnificent city gate, the steep walls and the wide moats inside and outside are very spectacular. The pavilion also overlooks the streetscape around Osaka Castle. In the parks of the castle, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms bloom in their respective seasons, and they are famous places to enjoy plum and cherry blossoms in Osaka.
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
2,400 Reviews
Parent-child tour
The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is located in the ​Mount Tenpo area of Osaka Bay. It is very suitable for families and children. Walk down the spiral staircase around the central water tank, and see the huge whale shark swimming in the water tank. There are displays of a large number of marine life and attractions suitable for the entire family.

Trip Moments

Osaka | Super Essence 2 Day Tour, Eat, Drink, Live, Buy, Raiders 1. Accommodation Recommendations: Marriott Hotel Osaka Marriott Hotel, 57th Floor, Osaka Marriott Hotel, Abeno District Abeno 1 1-43 Osaka cost-effective, 1500 one night, live on the 55th floor, the room floor window to see the night view is awesome, the corner room is wide and the most shocking. We are not willing to pull the curtains when we sleep. The bedding is very comfortable, the toiletries are very easy to use, the transportation is convenient, the shopping is convenient, and there are Tianwangsi Park and Tianwangsi Zoo in the surrounding area. The only problem is that the floor is too high and the elevator is a little troublesome. Staying and sending a sightseeing tower ticket, the scenery is really beautiful! 2. The first stop in Osaka: Osaka Castle, Castle Tower, HH/, Osaka City, 1-1 Whether it is the cherry blossom season or the red leaf season, the scenery here is the most beautiful. Located in the center of Osaka, you can also see the panoramic view of Osaka Castle. The landmark building is the castle tower, how to shoot is good-looking. Just strolling in the park, it is also very casual, open to everyone, no tickets. There are forest parks, baseball fields, historical museums, and so on. 3. Dining: Dotonbori Central District Dotonbori come to Osaka is definitely a gourmet paradise, the street has a variety of large crabs, big octopus, large noodles, etc. sign. Photographs are especially popular, and Japanese cuisine, desserts, cosmeceuticals, and snacks are all available. A variety of heard Osaka and octopus can be found here. It is recommended to eat crabs and crabs, but the whole crabs are banqueted. You can also watch the style on both sides by boat, and the style is full. 4. Shinsaibashi Chuo-ku Shinsaibashi Station Osaka shopping in the essence of the area, regardless of big-name small cards have everything. Into the Shinsaibashi Commercial Street
Posted: Sep 15, 2019
Osaka has to go to the five major business districts | (Part 1) / hc / written in front: / hc / In the past 2 years, I went to Japan 3 times, 2 times stayed in Osaka, you are very difficult Then find a country, a city, as rich as Osaka. I have compiled a set of tips for myself to go to Osaka so many times. I hope that after reading it, I will help you a little. ticket hotel? tickets I booked on all major apps, the price is not much different, the only thing to note is not to refresh the destination you want to buy frequently, because it may continue to increase prices. Osaka's attractions? Osaka Universal Studios I dont know how many little fairies are coming here. The staff of the Japanese service industry are particularly enthusiastic. You can feel the warmth of hospitality in Osaka Universal Studios. To this gimmick, you must also come and experience it. Shinsai Bridge and Dotonbori These two places believe that even if you havent been here, youve heard about it~ This is two adjacent streets, one street is a snack street and one street is a commodity street. bustling, neon, delicious, good to buy. It is the best description of these two streets. Nara If you like small animals, you must come to Nara's deer. The traffic is very convenient. The JR line goes directly to the gate of Nara Park. Kyoto The whole of Kyoto is a shogunate building. If you want to experience kimono here, it is the most suitable. If you like, Kyoto can live for a day. Ps: 3-4 months is the cherry blossom season. I will have the place where the cherry blossoms bloom in the place I mentioned above. Remember to stay more.
Posted: Mar 28, 2019
Amoy goods, eat food, unlock Japan's correct buy and buy posture to know that Japan is not only playable, but also can be called a shopping paradise, many localized brands, as well as skin care People have pushed up the cosmeceuticals. Have the opportunity to go to Japan to play, it is worth taking the opportunity to get good food, save a lot of time and energy troubles compared to looking for a purchase ~ located in Osaka's Kintetsu Department Store (Abeno Sea Wide Sky Head Office), avoiding people A crowded shopping mall, this is a shopping paradise that is more popular with locals. The whole floor of the 2nd floor of the Tower Museum is a cosmetics area. The brand is complete, and it is worthwhile to browse the cosmetics. There are men's clothing on the 6th-7th floor, both casual and sporty. The 11th floor of the Tower Pavilion is a special event for watch lovers, and there are also top jewellery and wedding jewelry stores on the same floor. There are more than 40 restaurant shops on the 12-14 floors, bringing together all kinds of food. Recommend the Edo River squid on the 12th floor. The squid rice is a major feature of the Japanese restaurant industry. The local area is basically everyone's favorite. This restaurant is based on squid rice, which is served with a set of different dishes and snacks. The amount is sufficient, and if the food is small, it may not be enough. Among them, a special set of grilled squid skewers, in addition to a special squid box rice, with five skewers of different flavors of squid skewers, even the fish bones are also used to make a snack, feeling very special. Advantage: 1. There are service personnel who are proficient in multiple languages. 2. Convenient payment, support WeChat, Alipay direct payment. 3. The mall can apply for tax refund and can directly retreat to Alipay or WeChat. 4. There is also a sightseeing observatory on the top of the building overlooking the night view of Osaka.
Posted: Apr 24, 2019